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Facebook Goes BTS With HONY As One of Its Top Ten Stories

By Kishore Sawh on February 6th 2014

Ten years is a hiccup on a geological scale, but for us rather temporary collections of bones and souls, it has become a yardstick in the lexicon of time units defined. A pulse. What’s happened in 10 years? A lot, really. We’ve got the first tanned Commander-In-Chief, O.J. finally went to jail, NASA got over their 2008 debacle and no longer stands for Need Another Seven Astronauts since their pockets are now filled with lint, a tablet is no longer something you swallow, Bond is blonde, and the world happened upon Facebook. Or Facebook happened to the world.

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To ‘Mark’ the occasion, the team at Facebook has treated (or tormented) us with their ‘Lookback’ recap videos chronicling and condensing your time on FB into a minute. Simultaneously, on, they’ve released the 10 stories they feel best celebrate a decade of people coming together through Facebook. Highly recommend having a look at each of them, one of which is on Humans Of New York.


It’s a short video of HONY’s Brandon Stanton and the project, giving some background info on the breakthrough photography phenomenon that’s now a Facebook juggernaut, with near as makes no difference, 3 million FB followers. You get to see Brandon walk around with his Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 50mm f/1.2, interact with some of New York’s finest, and get a feel for the manner in which he approaches his project. We first did an article on Brandon Stanton last year, and his story has gone on to inspire more people. Read about it here.


When I first heard of HONY it was pretty early in its infancy. I can’t remember the number, but it was less than 20 thousand likes, and I chose not to follow it then; Facebook space is cluttered as it. So, I saw it and moved on. Then in a matter of a few months it was grabbing screen space and conversation time like some decadent virus no one was immune to. So, I went back, and saw it had metastasized like some strange healing cancer. The more time goes by, the more I love it, and the book takes up prime real estate on my coffee table next to my F-14 Tomcat tomes.

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I liked this video mainly to see how casually Brandon approaches photography and the subjects he shoots. I should really work on becoming more comfortable photographing strangers, and no doubt HONY deserves to be an FB top 10 in 10. You can find HONY’s site here, and the FB page.

Via: Facebookstories

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