In this chapter, we are going to use one of Lightroom 4’s cool new functions, which is Export to Email. This is a quick and easy way to email a photo to someone from within Lightroom.

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Email Photo from Context Menu

Lightroom 4 introduced a quick and convenient way of e-mailing a photo from within Lightroom. First, you choose the photo or photos that you want to send. Then, right click on the image to bring up the Context Menu and choose Email Photo…

Right Click Email

Setting up Email Account

If this is the first time that you are sending a photo via Lightroom’s Email function, you are going to have to set up your email account. Click on the Microsoft Outlook on the drop down menu under From and choose Go to Email Account Manager.

Email Photo Dialog 1

In the pop -up box, go to the bottom left and click on Add. Lightroom provides several common email providers such as Gmail and AOL. You can also add your own custom provider if you need to. Once the server settings are generated, all you have to do is enter your email address and password. After that, click on the Validate button to get Lightroom to communicate with your provider. Once the access is ready to go, click on Done.

Add Email Acct 1

Sending an Email with Photo Attached

After setting up your email account, you should see it under the From drop down menu. Enter a send-to email address, title, and message. At the bottom, there is a drop down menu labeled Preset. Here, you can choose the size and image quality of the photo that you want to send.

Attached Photo Sizes

Once your message is ready to go, just hit Send. That’s it! In the next tutorial, we are going to discuss how to publish your photos to the various online services such as Flickr and Facebook.

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