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How to Create a Web-Sized Export Preset in Lightroom 4

By Pye Jirsa on November 5th 2012

In this episode of the Lightroom 4 A to Z DVD Training, we are going to create an Export preset that will export web-size images from Lightroom 4. This preset automates the process and makes it easy for you to export one image or a batch of images for the web.

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The following tutorial is from the Lightroom 4 A-Z DVD Guide. The full DVD including 130 tutorials and nearly 14 hours of Lightroom 4 training is available in the SLR Lounge Store for only $99.



So to begin, let’s start by opening up the Export dialog box. The keyboard shortcut for this is Ctrl+Shift+E on Windows and Cmd+Shift+E on Mac.

Export Dialog

This time around, we’re going to dive right into the individual export settings and create a new preset from these settings later on.

Under Export Location, create a subfolder called 02_WebSized. Leave Add to This Catalog unchecked so the exported files are not added back into your catalog and select Ask what to do for Existing Files so that Lightroom doesn’t automatically overwrite any images.

Export Location

Just as I mentioned in our previous tutorial, I like to skip File Naming because I prefer to create the naming scheme in the Library Module. I’m also going to skip Video since we are dealing with still images in this tutorial.

With File Settings, I find that a good Quality setting for the web is around 75-80%. It is better to not limit the File Size because certain images like a complex landscape or HDR image will have more image information and therefore will have a larger file size than something less busy like a portrait headshot. However, if you do need to control your file size, this option is a great way to do that.

Additionally, be sure to keep the Image Format as Jpeg and the Color Space as sRGB. These are the standard settings for the web.

File Settings

With Image Sizing, you do want to have a certain dimension restriction. A good way is to use Long Edge, say restricted to 800 pixels, so regardless whether it’s a portrait or landscape photo, the longer edge will not be longer than 800 pixels, and the image’s aspect ratio will still be intact. In addition, click Don’t Enlarge so photos smaller than 800 pixels are not enlarged. Be sure to keep the Resolution at 72 pixels per inch because the images will only be viewed on a monitor. Anything more than that is just overkill.

Image Resizing

For Output Sharpening, select sharpening for Screen with the amount at Standard.

Output Sharpening

In regards to Metadata, I just keep it at Copyright Only, and for Watermarking, I will be using our SLR Lounge watermark. You can reference our previous tutorials on how to make a custom watermark.

Finally, for Post-Processing, I want it to show in Explorer.



Now that all the settings have been set up, click Add to make a new preset. Name it LR4 Web Size under the LR4 A-Z folder, and hit Create.

New Preset



Once you have the preset all set up, all you have to do is choose the LR4 Web Size preset and hit Export. Lightroom will then export the image and Explorer will pop up to show you the finished exported image. Pretty easy!

In our next tutorial, we will go over how to export video files.



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  1. Joseph Prusa


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  2. Rich Clark

    Good advice but it is worth noting that there are various image sizes used in different web applications. Facebook for example supports images up 2048px so an image with a long size of 800px won’t cut it. 2048px and 960px are suggested as the best default sizes for Facebook as they work best with Facebook’s own compression settings. Also various Blogs, Themes, Galleries support differing size images. Of course if you are concerned about people downloading your images then opt for something smaller and watermarked. A 2048px image set at 72dpi will print but it will so at a quarter of the size of the recommended print size*

    *All dependent on viewing distance.

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  3. Amber

    I followed your directions and applied them to Lightroom 5. Very helpful. Thank you so much!

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