In this episode of the Lightroom 4 A to Z DVD Training, I will go over one of Lightroom 4’s new features, which is the ability to include video files into the Lightroom 4 Catalog. I will briefly cover how you can set up the in-and-out points of your video to make a custom clip, and show you how to create an export preset that will export a video from the Catalog.

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One of the new features of Lightroom 4 is the ability to import video files into your Lightroom Catalog. Importing a video files works exactly the same way as importing an image into the Catalog. After you import the video clip, you can double-click on the video thumbnail to open up the video in Video Loupe View in order to preview the video.


Although there are very few options when it comes to editing videos in Lightroom 4, you can edit the starting and ending points of the clip, which is actually a nice feature to have when you want to export a smaller video clip to bring into another movie editing software.

Editing In-&-Out-Points


Once you have selected the portion of the clip that you want to export, let’s open the Export dialog box. The keyboard shortcut for this is Ctrl+Shift+E on Windows and Cmd+Shift+E on Mac. Because we are exporting video, we will be using a different set of options than when we are exporting images.

Export Dialog

Under Export Location, create a subfolder called 03_MovieExports. Leave Add to This Catalog unchecked so the exported files are not added back into your catalog. Next, select Ask what to do for Existing Files so that Lightroom doesn’t automatically overwrite over existing video files.


Under Video, check the Include Video Files and use the Video Format H.264. It is probably the most common format for video editing and it’s also automatically compatible with Youtube. Keep the Quality as Max so you have the best quality file to work with when you do want to edit the video clip in another editing software.


Because we are working with a video file, there are no options for File Settings, Image Sizing, Output Sharpening, and Watermarking. However, you can still add Metadata in case you want to embed your copyright into the file.

Finally, with Post-Processing, I like to Show in Explorer after export in order to review the video once it is rendered.



Now that all the settings have been set up, we can make a video export preset. Click Add on the bottom left corner of the Export Dialog to make a new preset, and let’s name the preset LR4 Movie under the LR4 A-Z folder.

New Preset


Exporting a movie file will take longer than exporting an image because you are dealing with larger files. The duration of the exporting process will depend on the speed of your computer.

Once Lightroom renders the movie, the folder containing the movie should pop up. You can now play back the movie to see if it is playing correctly and to see if the in-and-out points are exactly where you want them to be. The movie should also play in the full resolution of the original movie file just as we set it in our preset.

In conclusion, importing video clips into Catalog is a new feature of Lightroom 4. Although the editing functions are very limited, you can still set your starting and ending points for your clip, and you can export a video clip from Lightroom 4.

That’s it! Next, we will talk about Exporting as a Catalog.


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