In this chapter, we are going to export a series of images as a new catalog using the Export as Catalog function in Lightroom 4. It’s a great way to break out a large catalog into smaller sets of catalog while keeping all the adjustments you made intact.

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Highlight a Group of Images

The first thing you want to do when using the Export as Catalog function is to select a group of images that you want to export into a new catalog. The way to highlight a sequence of photos is by clicking on the first image, hold Shift on Mac or PC, and click on the last photo of the group.



Export as Catalog

After you have selected the images you want to export, go to the File Menu and choose Export as Catalog.

File Menu - Export as Catalog

In the Export as Catalog dialog, choose the folder where you want to save the catalog into. Also, be sure to have all the check box options selected in order to export the selected images only, to export with the RAW files, and to include the available previews. This will keep all the adjustments and original RAW images referenced in the new catalog.

Export Dialog

After you are done, you can open the folder and look for the file that has the “lrcat” file format. Open the catalog to test it out and if it looks good, you are done!

Note that only the images will be exported to the separate catalog. The original catalog still retains the original exported photos. You can choose to leave them there or remove those photos.


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