Lets be honest people, getting an accurate white balance and exposure are key to having a good shoot. Sure, both are things that can be tweaked (to a degree) in post if you shoot in RAW, but it is always better to get it right in camera. ExpoImaging has just announced the availability of their new ExpoDisc 2, and update to the very popular ExpoDisc.


In case you have not heard of the ExpoDisc here is a quick overview. ExpoDisc is a filter like device that you screw (or hold) on the from of your lens which allows you to get a perfect custom white balance and exposure in the go. The old ExpoDisc cam in two varieties, Neutral and Portrait and cost you around $100 depending on the size of the ExpoDisc you purchased. productimage_7783_productinuse2

ExpoDisc 2 takes everything good about the ExpoDisc and makes them better. Now instead of having to buy either a Neutral or Portrait ExpoDisc you can just purchase one. ExpoDisc 2 comes with custom gel inserts which allow you to warm up your shot to your desired amount. It also replaces the aluminum filter thread with a polycarbonate one.

The ExpoDisc 2 will be available only in the 77mm filter size (to start) and will run for only $49.95, about half the price of the original ExpoDisc. You can learn more about and order the new ExpoDisc 2 from the product page here.

Have you used an ExpoDisc before? What have your experience with them been? Do you think that the new ExpoDisc 2 sounds appealing? Let us know in a comment below!