A recent report Inside Imaging gave sad details about a fire that broke out at a high-end components factory in Japan which may have a cascading effect on some major camera brands this year. On Oct 20th of 2020, a fire broke out at AKM Semiconductor’s Nobeoka factory that burned for several days ultimately leveling the facility.

Why is this a big deal to the major camera brands out there? AKM is responsible for applying components for many of the major players out there including Canon, Nikon, and Sony! This loss may likely cause some serious delays on many of the existing and new/upcoming products from many of these brands, as some even had to adjust their Black Friday promotions to accommodate for the supply loss!

According to Inside Imaging’s report, AKM doesn’t’ look like it’ll be operational for at least another 6 months to a year, meaning there may be some pretty extended and long waits for the newer and more popular models of cameras out there….on top of the already existing delays due to Covid-19!  How much of an impact this will have is still yet to be seen, but if you were planning on ordering a new system this year, you may want to plan accordingly and/or get some rentals ready to go for your early 2021 work.