SLR Lounge is excited to be able to break an exclusive Capture One Pro Special to you, our audience. It’s a Labor Day special … in honor of all the hardworking photographers (and techs who use it too!) as well as all those who will be shooting great photos of friends and family over the holiday and really deserve to see what a file looks like when it’s been rendered in Capture One!

Now in its ninth edition, offering the 3-way color balancing tool used to enhance color grading and adjust skin tones like none other; more abilities to clone and heal; more powerful layers and object removal, and migration tools to help Lightroom users who want to shift gears, Capture One Pro has hit stride. And now from September 2nd-10th, you can have Capture One for 25% off retail with code LABDAY25.



In a world that’s very loud about certain photography post processing applications, Capture One Pro stands apart. While Lightroom may hold more market share, Capture One Pro holds the attention of the discerning (and good photographers are nothing if not discerning), and is arguably the very best RAW processor.

And though in professional studios and with aspiring pros it’s all Capture One, it’s not the reserve of a studio professional, and more and more people are wising up to how impressive, easy to use, and complete Capture One Pro is. This is perhaps the best time to get Capture One if you’ve been on the fence about it. Click here to go to Capture One’s homepage and remember to use code LABDAY25.

*Offer is valid globally. 

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