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05 Dec 2020

Over the past 10 years, SLR Lounge has been a resource for “all things photography,” which was our slogan at one time.  This approach has led us on an incredible journey, giving us the privilege of influencing the skill and career development of thousands of photographers.  The “all things” mindset, led us to create multiple sections on our site, including Workshops, Magazine, Awards and Critique.

This year, we’re making some big changes to SLR Lounge, rethinking every aspect of the site to create a better, more-focused experience for our community.

In particular, we’re taking a hard look at where our community is gaining the most value and making sure that all of our efforts are going towards those areas.  We are also identifying areas where the community is deriving little-to-no value and rethinking better ways to achieve better results.

In our business courses, we teach our students to have a clear, customer-centric focus in their photography businesses, so this shift is actually us just following our own advice to “simplify” and “focus.”  This has led to the following changes:

1) Workshops (and Premium) are moving

Workshops are moving to a dedicated (and upgraded) platform on  The new system addresses the most common requests from our purchasers and premium members.  Notable improvements include the following:

  • More Reliable Video Streaming – We’ve upgraded the video hosting and the player for more reliable streaming around the globe.
  • Improved User Experience – The new platform will make your purchases easier to access, all contained within your “My Library” section.
  • Autoplay Feature – Our students often watch our education while post producing or accomplishing other tasks.  Autoplay was one of the most common requests that is now addressed with the new platform.  You can now progress through a course without having to click on the next video.

If you are a workshop purchaser or premium member, we will be sending your new account information to your email address on file.  Please keep and eye out for the email and email us at if you don’t see it.

2) Most Workshop Prices are Decreasing

The great news for our workshop students and premium members is that the directional shift will come with lower pricing for almost all of our education.

For example, our next release is “Lighting For Dramatic Portraits (Lighting 301).”  With our old pricing structure, this would have been priced at $199.  However, we are releasing this as a retail $149 product next month (June 2019) with possible launch discounts as well.

Premium memberships are going from $499 down to $348!

Most other workshops in our store will follow suit, with permanent decreases in pricing across the board.  However with all of these changes, one thing that will remain unchanged is the quality and approach of our education.


3) Critique is moving

Starting June 1st, 2019, the Critique section will be transitioned to our Facebook group where we’ll provide the same valuable critique we’ve always offered.  Our FB group is simply a better place for this type of community engagement with more activity and participation.


4) Awards is moving

Due to the success of our Awards platform, we are moving it to its own site to expand and evolve our system. We’ve received many requests for additional categories as well as feedback on ways to improve the system.

We have taken note and will apply the feedback to future iterations. For now, all awards submissions will be closed and all images submitted prior will be judged and awarded manually by our editorial team. Sign up below to be notified for future updates.


4) The magazine will be amplified

The changes above pave the way for new  The site will still focus on news, inspiration, gear reviews, and tutorials.  However, each of these efforts can now be amplified, with more time and resources dedicated to creating the best photography articles in the industry.

You can expect more and better gear reviews, interesting articles, and high-quality tutorials.   You can also expect more timely news announcements and better in-depth interviews with incredible photographers.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new direction!  Thank you for following our site and being a part of our community.  We’re confident that these changes will give you a better experience.  If you have any feedback, please email us directly at


What happens if I submitted an award before submissions were closed?

We will be manually rating each image that made the deadline so your image will still be under consideration for our awards.

What happens to current Premium Members?

As a premium member, simply login to your new account on and enjoy the same content on a better platform.  You’ll also continue to receive early access to all new content as well.

Keep your billing updated on the old platform and your account will remain active on the new one.  If the price on your active membership is higher than the current price of Premium, please contact us and we’ll offer you a credit in the amount of the prorated difference.