Photographers are not necessarily known for being the most organized people on earth. I know I am constantly putting things down in one place and forgetting where I put them, this is true for my camera gear as well as normal stuff such as keys and my tablet/laptop.


Enter ‘Tile’, the new locator app that aims to help you never lose anything ever again. Tile comes with these little tiles that you can place in your bag, or attach to items. Then if you lose the item or can’t find it you can load up the app and it will help you find what you are looking for. You can even set up the tile to beep.

Tile also has a pretty neat theft recovery feature, so for example if your gear bag gets stolen from your car you can mark that tile stolen. Then if that tile comes within range of any other tile app user it will send you a notification telling you where the item is located. This could be invaluable for getting information to the police to help them recover your stolen gear.

They have a neat demo video i’ve embedded below.

I think that this looks pretty promising for helping people find lost gear, and keep track of items that are important. Sure, its not quite a robust as a GPS unit that can be tracked anywhere (without the need for an app). But it is a whole lot cheaper and more accessible, so that is a win in my book.

Tile is currently available for a special pre-order price of $18, which you can take advantage of on their website.

tile tile3

What are your thoughts on Tile? Let us know in a comment below!