As the technology in camera gear continues to evolve, the question of the photographer’s role remains: how long will it be until the camera no longer needs a photographer to use it?  In some ways, that time has come. Kind of.

Meet Eva the Robot Photographer. Eva, a humanoid robot and product of, has brought a unique twist to the realm of wedding photography. Recently, Eva photographed its first UK wedding, and from the sound of it, to much delight from the clients. According the bride from Eva’s first wedding, “The whole experience was amazing and people were still talking about Eva at breakfast in the morning!”

You can watch a video of Eva in action here:

Although Eva can now claim the role of wedding photographer, it’s not in the traditional sense that you might expect. Rather than photograph the bride and groom throughout the day, Eva served in a capacity usually reserved for photo booths, except this photo booth comes to the guest. Part of Eva’s appeal lies in its mobility and ability to interact with guests. Additionally, once guests have approved the image, Eva can print, email, text, or share the images on social media. Not too shabby.

So, while the role wedding photographers remains basically unchanged (for now), the future for traditional photo booths may prove less stable. You can learn more about Eva (and other service robots) here.