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Erik Johansson

By Leo Hoang on May 30th 2012

With any type of Photography, it can be quite easy to get stuck in a rut and repeat shots you have already created. It’s good to some degree, as it does show potential clients that you do have a consistent style, but it is also important for yourself that you keep it interesting.


So wherever possible, it’s best to stay on edge, think of new ideas, seek inspiration from other styles of photography which you could implement into your own photography.


I ended up searching on Google for some unusual images, to see how creative some people can get, and I stumbled across this image.



It was shot and manipulated by Erik Johansson. With my own work, I tend not to stray too far from reality, but the creativity of this Photographer is astounding. Never could I imagine myself creating something this interesting, and he has given me a chance to see things in a different perspective and broke me out of reality.


What do you think of this shot?


You can find more of his work at


Leo Hoang is a professional photographer based in London who shoots Weddings, Events and Real-Estate.

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