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Erik Almas Talks about the Essentials of Marketing and Photography

By fotosiamo on November 29th 2012

As an aspiring photographer, which is more important, building your portfolio or marketing?

According to Erik Almas, one of the most sought-after commercial photographers today, the answer is both and at the same time. The San Francisco-based Norwegian explains in this excerpt from his new DVD, On Aspects of Image Making, that when you are just starting out your career in photography, you are faced with two daunting challenges, building a strong portfolio and finding clients to hire you based on that portfolio.

If you only work on developing your portfolio, it may take 1-2 years to build a decent body of work. After that it may take another 1-2 years of marketing before you get noticed and hired.

Therefore, the solution is to start developing and strengthening both your portfolio and marketing at the same time so they will mature at roughly the same pace. To learn more about this and other aspects of photography, take a look at the video below by Erik Almas.

[If you’re interested in learning from Erik’s comprehensive DVD on Commercial Photography, please check out his DVD, Erik Almas On Aspects of Image Making.]

Erik Almas DVD: On Aspects of Image Making

If you are interested to learn more or to purchase Erik’s DVD, you can check it out on Erik Almas’ website.

A Sample of Erik Almas‘ Work

Here is a sample of Erik Almas‘ work. To see more of his work, you can visit his website,, or

Erik Almas

Erik Almas

Erik AlmasErik Almas

Erik Almas

Erik Almas

Erik Almas

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