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Erik Almas | BTS for Spring Campaign With Trondheim Torg

By Ryan Filgas on May 31st 2014

Trondheim Square

After the initial photo release of Erik Almas’ campaign for Trondheim Torg, SLR Lounge featured his first image of the series, a chilling look at Trondheim Square in Norway, a piece which, not surprisingly, was put together during the fall in time for the shopping center’s winter campaign. Erik Almas is a frequent topic of interest at SLR Lounge for his breathtaking composites, informative interviews, and all around inspirational commercial photography.


Most recently, he’s released a behind-the-scenes look at a photo you may have seen for Trondheim Torg’s spring campaign working with HK Ad Agency; a vibrant, yet sophisticated blend of pink and white, bringing thoughts of an elegant time past to collide with the present day in a dream. Take the three minutes to sit down and watch this video, you’ll be happy you did.


It was interesting to see how the composite was constructed; specifically how the trees and blossoms were incorporated into the image and, as always with Erik’s work, how much effort goes in from make-up artists, models, lighting crews etc. It’s a sight to see, and I have to admit, I caught myself watching the transformation at the end multiple times. Here’s the final image: erik_almas_torg_commercial_photographer_norway_behind-the-scenes

Learn Erik’s Process

Due to the amount of experience he’s amassed over his career, Erik Almas has put together a DVD that explores his process from start to finish, talks about our identity as artists, and offers some incredible insight into starting out and marketing yourself as a commercial photographer. If you’ve ever wanted to see how photographers like Erik Almas work, but were unable to get a job assisting etc., this is a fantastic way, and compared to the costs of taking a workshop, it’s an incredible value. The video is called Erik Almas | On Aspects of Image Making, and you can find it in our store.

If you want to view more of Erik Almas‘ work as well as his BTS videos you can find them on his website, or check out his Facebook page.


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Ryan Filgas is an aspiring portrait photographer and studio arts major at Humboldt State University. His life consists of talking with friends, taking classes, and planning his next outdoor adventure. You can find his work on his website, Facebook, Google+, or connect with him via email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Jacob Jexmark

    I love this. Erik is a fantastic artist.

    | |
  2. Dallas

    Its a beautiful, and stunning image, but my fanciful, magical, cherry blossom snow with a beautiful woman dreams don’t have ugly glaring McDonalds restaurant signs in the background… right behind her…. its all I can see now.

    | |
    • Ryan

      This is where the advertising part comes in. The shopping center gave him a lot of leeway to focus on the square, but in the end it’s still for an advertising campaign, and McDonalds is part of the shopping center, so removing it wouldn’t have served their purposes very well. I understand your sentiment though.

      | |