My photography friend and astrophysicist, Sean Goebel,  has published his next Time Lapse montage, titled Epochs.  Unlike most time lapse eye candy videos that we come across, Sean publishes a complete list of scene details for each clip in the montage.  Most of the details pertain to the adventures and conditions at the locations, which are very helpful to other aspiring time lapse photographers.  Often, beginners just ask “What f/stop / tripod / lens did you use?” …while the more experienced photographers want to know the whole story, the details that made the shot possible. Basically, if you want the best footage it usually involves extreme temperatures, sleepless nights, long hikes, bad weather, getting lost in the desert, …or all of the above!

Anyways, enjoy the video:

(Check out the BTS page by clicking HERE)  Oh, and PLEASE be sure to view it full-screen at 1080p!  :-)


Another thing that is unique about Sean’s time lapses is the equipment used- mostly non-L third party lenses, mounted on a Canon 5 D mk2, 7D, and Rebel DSLR bodies.  The main setup was a Canon 5D mk2 and the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8, or the Samyang 24mm f/1.4.  (Two separate copies in the case of the 14mm, both incredibly sharp according to Sean.)  All sequences are captured in RAW, and post-processing using various Adobe programs and extra plugins.  Sean’s motion dolly is home-made, you  can read about it HERE.


Until next time, keep on clicking!