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EOS M System Finally Getting Some Attention From Canon?


It is not hard to look at the state of the current Canon mirrorless system and marvel at its potential while at the same time laugh at its mediocrity. I was a big fan of the EOS-M. In many ways, it was a great little camera, and once the price came down, it was an awesome deal. But the system has not progressed much since those days beyond a few kit lens revisions.

This will soon change. According to the latest rumors, Canon is actively developing new lenses and the EOS M4, which could see the light of day as soon as early 2016. The M4, the rumor states, will be a departure from the current styling and make of the EOS-M bodies. The other great news is, apparently it will be a global release, so we will actually be able to get our hands on one here in the States.

No doubt Canon has a lot of work to do in order to catch up to the other mirrorless brands here in the US, like Sony, Fuji, Olympus, and even Samsung, but it’s good to hear that they may actually start taking it seriously.

It seems likely that the M4 will continue the EOS-M tradition of featuring an APS-C sensor, but there is always the possibility that Canon ditches that all together and goes straight for the full frame mirrorless crowd. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Sony A7R II Teardown on Ifixit

Whenever a new camera comes along with some impressive new features, it is always fun to see the teardown of that body and what they have going on inside. Well, Ifixit, the do it yourself repair website has published their Sony A7R II teardown, and it’s quite a pretty sight.

Sony-a7R-II-camera-teardown-2-550x413 Sony-a7R-II-camera-teardown-3-550x413 Sony-a7R-II-camera-teardown-550x413

You can watch the full teardown and all of that fun stuff over on the Ifixit website here. I found this quite interesting, and somewhat am surprised at how different it really looks inside compared to your average DSLR teardown.

What did you guys think of this teardown of the A7R II? Did you see anything that surprised you or stood out to you? Share in a comment below!

Samsung NX1 Firmware Version 1.4 Coming Soon



We are hearing reports of another NX1 firmware update coming soon. Apparently, it is going out to beta testers soon, though there are no reports yet on specific features or changes to expect.

I know I sound like a broken record here, but it is really just refreshing to see Samsung take their customers’ comments and feedback into account and working constantly to improve and make this camera better. I was super impressed with it back when I tried it out at the beginning of the year, and if there was one APS-C mirrorless camera that I would purchase right now, it just might be the NX1.

It has the size of the DSLR, but the feature set of a mirrorless, and I like that combination; add to that the 4K capability and the awesome quality of their industry first BSI APS-C sensor. I am curious to see what this new firmware update brings to the table.

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