The future of Canon’s failed EOS-M mirrorless line has long been in question, especially here in the USA where the camera has essentially been sold off for pennies on the dollar. We have heard rumors of Canon revamping the EOS-M line and reintroducing it to the USA, and we also heard rumors of Canon partnering up with Fujifilm in the Mirrorless market.

Canon EOS MWe have just received word of a somewhat telling bit of news, which may just show us what Canon’s plans for the EOS-M line in the USA are. According to reports out of Canon Rumors and Canon Watch, the EOS-M has been wiped from the Canon USA website. The EOS-M lenses are still on the site, but any and every mention of the actual EOS-M camera has been removed.

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This could mean many things, and it could mean nothing. Anyone who tells you what this means is just speculating. If I had to guess, I would say one of two things is happening here. Canon really is scrapping their EOS-M line (but why keep the lenses on there if that is the case) in the USA, or maybe there is a new EOS-M coming soon (which is a rumor we have heard as well) so they removed the old discontinued unit from the site, a white wash so to speak.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any theories on what Canon’s plans are and what this means for their mirrorless line? Leave a comment below!