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No EOS 7D Mark II, Latest Rumors Say

By Anthony Thurston on December 14th 2013


Funny how the wind changes direction isn’t it? Yes the above title is correct, according to the latest rumors there will not be a Canon 7D Mark II, not in 2014, not ever.

This is such an odd rumor that I just had to bring it up. It goes against all of the rumors we had been hearing over the last year as well as against many things that Canon has said. Ofcourse their plans may have changed, maybe instead of a 7D II they are giving it a different name, either way this is shocking news if it is in fact true.

One theory, as I mentioned above, is that they are simply abandoning the 7D name and going with a different one. Seems silly to me given the high regard the 7D name has, but I guess Canon could have their reasons.

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If this is true I, and many of you I assume, will be really bummed. The 7D Mark II sounded like it was going to be the proverbial “pro” crop body, something that I was looking forward to purchasing. Now it seems that the 7D may be going the way of the D300s… lets hope that this is one rumor that is simply not correct.

[via Canon Rumors]


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  1. Peter Wetzig

    I don’t think this is true. In its short history the 7D has created quite a reputation and following. The 7D is as popular now as when it was released. An upgrade is defined ately on Canon’s plans. The release of a firm ware update recently means it’s not due quite yet. Butt the 7D line will not be abandoned by Canon. Period!

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    • Christopher Rogers

      I am with you. Well stated! There not going to leave the best focusing /best frame rate/ best buffer size crop shooter of all time and replace or rename it. Pathetic rumor!

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  2. ShamB

    Canon’s previous game of incremental technology releases has been trumped by ‘a certain company’ (just like their predecessor, Minolta) who is actually innovating in new directions rather than just keeping up with the Joneses.

    I expect a new 7D, but it will probably be delayed, rethought and renamed to keep pace with the new upstart. That can only be good for everyone as its a kick in a previously staid market.

    Anyway, doesn’t matter what the badge on your cameras is: irrelevant because now is a good time to be a photographer.

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  3. Joel

    The 7d certainly had a passionate following but I just don’t know how much room in the market there is for a 7d2 at this point… The 70d shoots 7fps and has the insanely good autofocus system that might appeal to budget sports shooters and canon seems to be trying to push portrait shooters in that price range towards the 6d.

    It simply might not be worth the cost to create another DSLR after you’ve already pushed 7d owners looking for a new body into the 6d or 70d camp.

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  4. Christian

    Perhaps a 7Ds?

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  5. Adrian S

    I always felt that 7D was missing one big feature. At the time they released it, it had the most features, even more then 5D, but was missing a full frame sensor. I think the 7D was a fluke and it’s the only one from the one digit family to have a crop sensor, and is now replaced by the 6D.

    I considered 7D more like a 70D and when I checked if 70D exists, I found this: But to be fair, we can’t compare a new released camera (70D) with a 4 year old model (7D).

    I voted NO.

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  6. Michael Hardy

    I am hoping that this rumor is false, but with the release of the 6D, there may be no room in the market at the same price point.

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  7. InTheMist

    If Canon cancels the 7D2 than the big-two are really are in collusion and Nikon will never make a D300s replacement.

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