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EOS 3D? Latest Canon Rumor Indicates New Full Frame Series Camera To Come This Year

By Anthony Thurston on March 26th 2014

We have the Canon 6D, the 5D, and the 1D. According to the latest rumors, Canon could be looking to announce a new class of full frame DSLR between the 5D and the 1D, possibly the long rumored 3D.


The rumors indicate that this camera would be a “high resolution” camera (ala D800), capable of shooting 4K video, and chock-full of advanced video features. The pricing and feature set of this new full frame DSLR would place it above the Canon 5D Mark III in both price and specifications.

Other than that, details are still really vague regarding this new camera. But, pretty solid rumors have already indicated that we should expect 3 new Canon cameras this year. We already have the 1200D, and most of us are expecting the second to be the Canon 7D replacement camera. So, there is still room in that rumor for this mystery “3D” camera to be announced.

What do you guys think of this? Would you like to see another full frame canon camera between the 5D Mark III and the EOS 1D?

[via Canon Rumors]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Bjorn Aaltonen

    Vähäntuvantie used Canon cameras My adult Life,1970 fwd

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  2. Graham Curran

    One year later and still no sign of it?

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  3. Kezzatron Wassa

    OK, time to think outside the square. Unfortunately photography tempts the mind into thinking in two dimensions, we’re more concerned about things like sharpness, aberrations, vignetting, camera model numbers etc, all results of the two dimensional framework that most of our thinking has been slotted into in photography and indeed generally.

    The very act of taking a picture is about capturing a three dimensional (and the fourth dimensional) world and turning it in a two dimensional space in the form of a photograph. Our brains filling in the missing third (and fourth) dimensions when we view them. “Hmm, I think that was taken back… or “cropped out behind us in this pictures is”. Thousands of photographs of that one scene will never capture the full 3D and 4D of that moment in time.

    Soooooo, if I was Mr Canon and putting my “Steve Jobs” hat on, I’d be thinking way outside the 2D square when looking into the future for Canon. I’ve spent most of my career life being paid to think outside the square so I’ll pop that hat on too and add my thoughts.

    Photography hasn’t been that successful at bringing the third dimension “into the picture” (so to speak) until recently with the better implementation of 3D cinemas and 3D TVs. Yes 3D has been around for a century, but modern 3D capable TV now offers an opportunity to have your own 3D images in your home, rather than just the 2D photographic world we currently have.

    We need to think of lowering costs of sensors, cameras with more than one sensor, maybe even three, one for TTL 2D images and two to capture 3D. It was not that many years back that the 5D Mk2 brought video production down in cost from hundreds of thousands to just a few thousand dollars.

    Sooooo, what if wedding photographers could capture that wonderful (expensive ;) moment in 3D instead of 2D, both in still images and 3D video, stone the crows (an Aussie saying) how amazing would that be? And hey what about your new born baby, one of the first captured in 3D on camera… you get the marketing picture. The price of chips, in fact the whole cost of manufacturing material good, is coming down.

    And while having the Steve Jobs cap on, 3D iPhones, 3D Skype, blah, blah, blah… If Canon are thinking down this track, then they’ll be yet again one step ahead on their competitors. Nikon have been caught out of step more than once in recent years, the Canon 5D Mk2 putting video creativity back into the hands of the artist and not just those who can afford the hardware. And if the Canon 3D is in fact a true 3D camera, both video and still, expect a new wave of marketing to try prising open your wallets. If the Canon 3D is heading where I think it is, it is one very smart move by Canon.

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  4. Sonny White

    It seems to me since there would be so much confusion with the other meanings of “3d” in the digital video markets AND since this rumored full-frame camera is to fall somewhere between the 5d and the 1d – as far as features and price goes – that it is just as likely, and less if not at all problematic, that this new camera will be called the 4D. The “4” in the Canon EOS 4D then could also relate to the 4K video shooting capability – as a marketing strategy. That is, since the number 4 is between 1 (Canon EOS 1DX) and 5 (Canon EOS 5D Mark III) as far as naming conventions go … and basic counting : )

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  5. S White

    It seems to me since there would be so much confusion with the other meanings of “3d” in the digital video markets AND since this rumored full-frame camera is to fall somewhere between the 5d and the 1d – as far as features and price goes – that it is just as likely, and less if not at all problematic, that this new camera will be called the 4D. Since that too is between 1 and 5 as far as naming conventions go, and basic numbers. : )

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  6. Chris

    As Canon shooter myself and owning the 7D and 5D mk III there is room for improvement in the dynamic range of both cameras. I would also like to see the the higher pixel count of 40-50 Meagpixels with the 12-14 stop of DR. And to be able to actually see the raw histogram would be perfect as well. Why Jpegs are displayed is pointless to all raw shooters. I have never once used video features with either camera. If I wanted a video camera then I would buy a dedicated video camera with all the features that I would want with it. Just make a camera a camera and with these features added in it would be excellent.

    | |
  7. Dave Allen

    I agree with the comments as to why any new camera has to be good with video. Personally, I would rather have a camera that doesn’t shoot video, but that has a high FPS rate and a super fast buffer to allow writing speeds to keep up. For me, I shoot mainly wildlife and sports so I don’t need a video capability. For scenics, portraits etc, I’ll use my other camera.

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  8. alan

    real 4k video, global shutter at 12 stops for $4000 please

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  9. photoshack

    I’d rather see Canon come up with a medium format camera under $10k.

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  10. Michael

    I hope so because there is an REAL NEED for the 3D.

    We shoot weddings with 1Dx and 5DIII and we own a Hasselblad H4D (13k €) for 3-4 studio/advertising jobs.

    The add clients need a bigger resolution for wallpapers etc. but this is the only reason we own the Hasselblad. For us it make more sense and is much more efficient working with the same workflow than the last 5% of better image-qualtiy of the MF. I want to use all lenses and the RT speedlights. I dont want to work with different programs and i dont want to pay 3.5k above for new (Hasselblad lenses).

    Just my 2 cents

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  11. Phil Lowe

    I, too, have the 5D3 and 7D and think an updated 7D with better low-light capabilities (like the 5D3) and better focusing would interest me more.

    | |
  12. Adriane

    Am I the only one who was thinking “3-D”, like a third dimensional camera :P Anyways, I would love to see a more updated 5D Mark III, although at this time, I believe the Mark III is pretty awesome! And I totally agree with updating the lower end Canon DSLRs.

    | |
  13. Richard Wesner

    Yes, I would love to use this camera with my prime canon lenses instead deciding for a second manufacturer like Sony oder Nikon. Currently I am looking for a camera with a sensor around 40 MPs like the Sony Alpha 7r or Nikon D800E especially for Landscape Shots I will take in Iceland and Ireland this year.
    But I feel the Canon if ever released might be available too late for the excursions this year…

    | |
  14. Stewart Baird

    I have both the 5D Mk3 and 7D – I would rather they updated the 7D (sensor) and focussing. Interesting what a huge difference there is in the dynamic range of the 2 sensors. Also, that little “lock” button on the 5D would be sooo good to get on the 7D.

    | |
  15. Eric M

    I think asking if there’s “room” between the 5D Mark III and the 1DX is the wrong question. The Big Megapixel camera, whatever it’s eventually designated, doesn’t have to slot between the two bodies in terms of features. It just has to fit the niche of high resolution/color depth/dynamic range images, a la D800.

    …or you know, the 1Ds Mark III? That camera didn’t really slot between anything but still sold fine.

    The only real question is whether this new camera will be a full-size body or a 5D body, and perhaps that will be all it takes to name it a 3D or 1DXs. I honestly would prefer the more robust and ergonomic body of a 1-series Canon. Add 30-40 megapixels, 14 stops of DR, and you’re done, Canon. You can even recycle the older 1Ds III focusing system if you want (please don’t throw in the 6D focus system though).

    | |
  16. John LeFebvre

    What they REALLY need to do is bring this out at the price point of the 5DIII now, and drop the prices of everything else accordingly. Of course that is not going to happen but that would pull the rug out from under Nikon and shake things up a bit, wouldn’t it?

    | |
  17. Travis Lawton

    Anyone check out the lens attached; 40mm f/1.2L?! Am I missing something? Does that exist?

    | |
    • Dan

      Too bad it doesn’t I’m a fan of the 40mm fl. Lol

      I really hope that if canon does release a higher res body that they also boost the dynamic range with it as well. That’s a downfall for a landscape shooter. I’d prefer to capture an image in a single exposure if I can rather than bracket. Maybe canon decided to call Sony and went with the rumored 50mp+ sensor they are said to have. Lol I don’t care what anyone says sony has some of the best sensors out there right now bar none.

      | |
  18. Dmitriy

    They can do whatever they want. It will be simply more marketing ploy than a real need. But I think that for the beginning Canon need to work on upgrading 5DIII firmware, especially the way focusing point behave during servo focus. I’m tired of guessing where my camera will focus for the next shot.

    | |
  19. Matthew Saville

    Anyone who has shot with the 5D mk3 for a while will know that there is simply no ROOM between the 5-series and at the 1-series for another category of camera. The 5D mk3 is 90% of the 1DX already, especially for 90% of photographers out there.

    What Canon needs to do is work on their lower end lineup and improve on the 6D’s feature set / performance. Well what they REALLY need to do is start competing with the Sony A7r and A6000 etc., but that’s another article for another day… ;-)


    | |
    • Dennis Rogers

      Definitely a solid observation by Mr. Saville in terms of comparing the capabilities of the 5DIII and the 1DX. My first thought at reading the title of this article was “How does that make any sense? Where’s the room for another in-between model?”

      IF Canon did come out with a 3D, me thinks it would be only for economic reasons. It would probably sell very, very well. So it would help the bottom line. That’s fine.

      However, Canon has a reliable history of removing features for no conceivable reason other than differentiation. I cringe to think what would be removed from some mythical 3D series to make an “affordable” 1DX. Maybe put the 6D focus system in it?

      I have the 5DIII and used to shoot it along side my 6D. I sold the 6D, finding the pedestrian (and embarrassing) focus system too unreliable and a constant source of consternation when catching important moments that really matter. Had Canon not released the 5DIII with its super reliable focusing, I would surely be a Nikon owner by now.

      Anyway, I too think Canon should quickly “fix” the 6D and not spend time calculating how to handicap another camera like a 3D…

      | |
    • Joy Swatsworth

      I have the Mark III and the 6D as my second camera and I totally agree with you.

      | |
  20. Chinese Electronics

    I think this camera would be a “high resolution” camera (ala D800), capable of shooting 4K video, and chock-full of advanced video features.I really like this Camera. You have done good job. Can someone share price of this camera.

    | |
  21. Leanne

    28 mega pixels, raw histogram, built in viewfinder eyepiece shutter for long exposure oh and available in pink- when will canon bring out coloured high end DSLRs ala pentax!

    | |
  22. David

    Psh, they will never release a dslr with really good video features. They dont want to compete with the c series.

    | |
  23. tõnu

    Eye control :D

    | |
    • kam

      still have my trusty EOS3 , well build film camera !

      | |
  24. Ameed

    Why a new line? This should be an update for the 5D line! High resolution and 4k video available now for cell phones!! This should be an upgrade to the 5D line, or give the upgrade a new name ” 3D ” and charge more!

    | |
  25. Oran Desmond

    Would be nice, there defiantly a gap between the 5d and the 1d that it would fill, althoue there allways the possblty that they make there “hige MP” camera above the 1d like some sort of Pro studio camera like the 1ds to compete with MF (if they don’t make a MF first), personally thou Im hoping for something to compete with the D800 the 5d mk3 is a great camera but its a different animal and canon dont realy have anything in the line of a D800 in DR or MP.

    | |
  26. Rick

    Hmm. I think it would be better to just come out with next flavors of the 1D or 5D series. The 6D, which I recently purchased and love was a great addition to the line since the price-point for full frame dropped dramatically. But, because of that price-point, the 6D also needed to shave off several features.

    I would think that a 3D would come in say around a 5K price point. Could there be enough of a feature set difference between the 1D and 5D series to warrant such an in-between model? I would think folks would tend to lean towards the 1D or 5D instead.

    | |
  27. Sarobar

    I hope they have high speed FPS on it.

    | |
  28. Shi Zheng

    …. Canon rumors have been “speculating” a high resolution camera (Canon 3D) for like 4 or 5 years now…..

    | |
  29. Chris

    No, I’d rather see a replacement/upgrade for the 1Ds lll. I don’t care about video, 4K or other.

    | |
    • ckanderson

      I’d rather see people quit crying about video functions.

      | |
    • Dave

      I agree!! It’s a friggin CAMERA not a VIDEO CAMERA… Take all that video crap out and add to the camera features or in canons case maybe a sensor that actually has some dynamic range

      | |
  30. Carsten Schertzer

    Yes!! I hope they come out with this!!! this is exactly what I have been looking for!

    | |