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August 26th 2014 12:40 PM


We’ve just launched a new section of our website for Photo Contests! This is a great opportunity for you to show off your amazing photography and to win some cool prizes. Plus you’ll get points and badges within our game system for submitting, voting, and, of course, winning!

We will always have an active contest running so be sure to check the contest page often!

To get started, our first contest theme is “Natural Light Couples Photos.” Submit your best couples photo using only “natural light” for a chance to win $200 in our store. See the contest page for official rules and details.

This Week’s Theme

In our first official photo contest, we want to see your best “Natural Light Couples Photo.” The 2 requirements are: 1) subject must be a couple and 2) image must not involve flash (reflectors okay). Winner receives a $200 credit to our store as well as the prestige of being our very 1st winner :) The contest only lasts 1 week (for both submitting & voting), so join now!

This Week’s Prize

This week, win $200 in our store. Whether you’re looking for Newborn Photography Eduction or Lightroom Presets, we have a wide range of photography resources and tutorials.


How to Win | Rules and Regulations

The winner is determined by the number of votes the image gets So feel free to share your entry with your family and friends! One entry per person and you must have taken the image and own full copyright of the image. By submitting your image, you are granting permission to SLR Lounge to use the image to promote the contest section of the website.

Screenshot (format)

Check out the format below and click on the image to enter!




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  1. 20150809_RLP_6D_RLP-Cover-Profile-Photo_0001.jpg15
    Hannes Nitzsche

    Cool, I like that you guys started doing photo contests! It’s great to see everyone’s perspective on the different subjects!

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  2. subway_bowl.jpg11
    Jeff Morrison

    Like this and have entered..

    | |
  3. lori.jpg15
    Jeff Lopez

    Just an idea, is there a way to track the ip address to allow non members to vote? So that if they try again it will know someone already voted from that ip?

    | |
  4. Vimeo_White.jpg5
    Brian Drumm

    Maybe allow non-slr members to vote as well? Then we can share the article/contest photo on FB. Would get more traffic to your site as well.

    | |
  5. David - Profile Photo.jpg3
    David Lara

    Had the same questions from a bunch of people wondering how they vote…they though if you check off on the FB “like” button on top that was the vote. Dooooh! Come on SLR team. you have to make it easier for people to vote that are coming in from other sites but aren’t photographers and aren’t generally interested in the content here but are supporting us in our work.

    | |
    • lin-and-jirsa.jpg7

      Thanks for expressing your thoughts… we’re going to continue tweaking the layout and the format.

      | |
  6. dsc_4179.jpg1
    Martyn Kyle

    Same here…no option for voting (no thumb or number count) even shows up in Internet Explorer…Safari and Chrome show the thumb but clicking it does nothing.

    | |
  7. lori.jpg15
    Jeff Lopez

    Did anybody ever verify that you have to be a member of slr lounge to vote? A bunch of Facebook friends are having trouble voting, they say “it’s not doing anything”

    | |
    • lin-and-jirsa.jpg7

      thank you for reporting this.. yes they need to be logged in to vote (the only way to avoid duplicate votes) .. we will work to make this more clear.

      | |
  8. IMG_87522.jpg10

    i like this

    | |
  9. Logo.png1
    Karim Banuelos

    Like this!

    | |
  10. Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 4.47.20 PM.png16
    Rafael Steffen

    This is a great and fun competition to join and learn abou each others work!

    | |
  11. 2bc763e.jpg2
    Miguel Chavez


    | |