Musicbed was founded on the belief that creatives have the power to shape culture. Right now, there’s an unprecedented opportunity to open the eyes of the world. That’s why they’re challenging filmmakers to make a film that can make a difference.

$100K in Cash Grants to Filmmakers | Musicbed Reopen Challenge from Musicbed on Vimeo.


“It’s about reopening businesses and society, but it’s also reopening eyes and minds. It’s an opportunity to start new. We can’t go back to the same way we closed.”
– Daniel McCarthy, CEO of Musicbed

Musicbed Reopen Challenge

Enter: The Reopen Challenge.

Musicbed is asking filmmakers from all walks of life to create videos that inspire, uplift, and build optimism towards the future. And they’re giving away $100,000 cash, in hopes of producing content that can help the world reopen—economically and culturally.

Whether the video spotlights a local business, sheds light on a cultural injustice, or highlights a person making a difference in their community, they’re asking filmmakers to use their talents to shape a better tomorrow.

The Reopen Challenge begins Today, June 15th, 2020, and the final day to submit your video is Wednesday, July 15th, 2020. After the submission period, judges will have time to review and select the grand prize winners. In addition to the judges’ selections, there will be crowd-sourced People’s Choice awards for 50 additional cash prize winners!

There are countless stories out there to be told. We’re here to make sure they’re heard.”

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