In this Episode – Enhancing Details Brush!

Today, we are bringing you guys a Detail Enhancing episode where we are going to use the Brushes in the Lightroom 4 Preset System to enhance the details in this image, or any image that you choose. We will be using the “Comical Faux HDR Mixology” from our earlier episode, so be sure to check that out if you don’t already have that Mixology saved. The goal of this episode is to really make our details and colors in this image pop! Enjoy.

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Before and After Examples

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Original RAW SOOC

After applying the Preset

A Brief Note on the MY MIXOLOGY Folder

The Lightroom 4 Preset System is extremely powerful because it allows you to create a virtually endless variety of looks with just a few simple clicks which you can then save to your 00 MY MIXOLOGY Folder. In each of these episodes, we will create one of these looks with just a few clicks, then we will save it out as a new Mixology in MY MIXOLOGY. We are going to cover a variety of styles and effects, so feel free to name and organize your MY MIXOLOGY folder contents however you like, as that folder is designed to be your personal space for all your favorite mixologies.

Enjoy the video below!

Video Tutorial and Written Steps

Written Steps

For those that don’t want to watch the video, here are the steps to achieve this effect using the Lightroom 4 Preset System. For this tutorial, we are starting with the Comical Faux HDR preset that we previously created in Episode 2 which you can watch by clicking here.

1. Dial in temperature to taste. For this example we used: Temp “5650” and Tint “+09”
2. BRUSH –> 11 General All Purpose (Used around all of the metal walls, then erased off the subjects)
3. BRUSH –> 02 Burn (Darken) -1 Stop (Used in the bottom corners to pull attention into the image)

That’s it, we are done!

The SLR Lounge Lightroom 4 Preset System

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For those that may not have seen the SLR Lounge Lightroom 4 Preset System. The Lightroom 4 Preset System has been designed from the ground up to be able to help you achieve any effect you desire. From vivid color correct images, to HDRs, to faded vintage images, to antiqued images, the sky is the limit!

Included are nearly 130 Develop Presets and 26 Brush Presets that are not only incredibly powerful, but also surprisingly simple and intuitive. Best of all, while other companies would charge $300, $400 or $500+ for a system like this, we are making the entire system available for only $99. Oh yeah, and the accompanying tutorials and mixologies, those are all free! So enjoy peeps. Below are all of the initial tutorials to get you guys started.

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