Popular Swiss lighting company Elinchrom has announced that they have decided to part ways with their long standing US distributor, Manfrotto Distribution, in favor of taking charge of their own US sales and distribution.


Elinchrom President Chris Whittle noted in a recent PR email, “As the U.S. photography market continues to grow and evolve across the professional and prosumer markets, we felt now was an appropriate time to pursue some exciting new ideas. We would like to thank the team at Manfrotto Distribution USA for their years of support and dedication towards growing the Elinchrom brand in the U.S.

According to the email, Elinchrom will officially take over their own distribution on May 5th of this year. It is unknown how much effect, if any, this will have on the ability to get your hands on Elinchrom products at stores here in the US, but one would hope that if there are any interruptions, that it is quickly resolved.


If you are a fan of Elinchrom, or you own their lighting products, this is relevant because availability of their products at local stores and shops may be different going forward. The biggest outlets will no doubt still carry their lighting, but it’s the mom & pop stores (what little of them are left) that litter the country that may now have issue providing the lights they do now through Manfrotto Distribution.

It will be interesting to see how smoothly this transition goes, and what – if any – negative effects are felt by the Elinchrom faithful.