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Elena Zhukova Shoots 350 Sailors in Under 3 Hours

By Anthony Thurston on April 1st 2013

Fleet Week is a great tradition in many US cities, my local metropolitan area – Portland, OR – has one during the Rose Festival every year. San Francisco based photographer Elena Zhukova was contracted to create the official San Francisco Fleet Week portrait during the 2012 Fleet Week. The task was to take a portrait of 350 sailors in under 3 hours.

Using 4 assistants, eleven Profoto 7b packs and an assortment of PocketWizard triggers and modifiers, Zhukova managed to gather, arrange, properly light, and take the below image of the ~350 sailors. It’s quite an amazing feat, I can’t say that I have ever shot 350 people in a group before, and I am sure most of you are in the same boat as me. Heck, I find it annoying posing and arranging a shot of less than 20 people, so I imagine 350 is exponentially worse.

Looking for more information? Checkout this awesome bts video!

See more of Elena’s work on her site. Connect with her on Flickr and Facebook.

[via Profoto Blog]

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