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EISA Announces 2014-2015 Photography Awards, Sigma 50mm Wins Top DSLR Lens

By Anthony Thurston on August 16th 2014

The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) has announced the winners of their 2014-2015 Photography awards, and no one should be surprised at most of the award winning gear this time around.


Notable award winners include the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art lens, which took the award for ‘DSLR Lens of 2014-2015’. The extremely popular Fuji X-T1 won the award for the ‘Advanced Compact System Camera of 2014-2015’, while the new Tamron 150-600mm pulled in the top award for ‘DSLR Zoom Lens 2014-2015’.

In all, there were awards handed out in 19 categories, with some of the top gear from the year getting recognized.

Other Key EISA Award 2014-2015 Winners

If you are interested in checking out the full listing of the EISA award winners, you can check out the EISA awards page over on their website here.

I am curious about what you think about awards like these yearly EISA awards. Do you take awards like these into consideration when you are looking into gear? Vote in our poll below!

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[via EISA]


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  1. Wendell Fernandes

    Canon! YES!

    | |
  2. Rui Pinto


    | |
  3. Herm Tjioe

    For every action there is a reaction. For every reaction there is a revolution

    | |
  4. Phil Bautista

    Maybe time for me to upgrade my thrifty fifty?

    | |
  5. Matthew Saville

    Sounds about right! (Poor Canon, though, eesh… And Nikon barely even made it onto the list, too!)


    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Says a lot about the state of the industry right now. Canon/Nikon users may scoff at awards like this, but internally the ppl at Canon and Nikon are surely taking note. I am very excited to see what they come out with in response to being so blatantly beat by the “little guys”.

      | |
    • adam sanford

      Anthony is right. Eventually the ‘little guys’ will start poaching professionals out of the Canon/Nikon fold and that’s when alarm bells should start ringing. But being ‘beaten’ in awards is a much different thing than losing in the marketplace. I don’t think we’ll be seeing many weddings or sports events shot with X-T1s anytime soon. :-P

      But I do hope the Big 2 take notice, stop resting on their laurels and bring some real innovation to the table..

      | |
    • Phil Bautista

      @Adam, the Sigma 50 1.4 Art keeps selling out and the people buying those lenses are Canon and Nikon users. Well, maybe mostly Canon users.

      | |
    • Chuck Eggen

      I’m one of those Nikon shooters that has purchased two Sigma primes, the 35 and 50 Art.

      | |
    • Sadia Nusrat

      I use Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR. There is no doubt this is one of the best DSLR camera. But others DSLR also nice. I got 10 best DSLR cameras of upcoming 2015 here

      | |