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‘Edge of Stability’ | A Gorgeous Time-lapse Showcasing the Wonders of Nature

By Hanssie on July 23rd 2015

The wonders of nature are awe inspiring. From the fury of storms to the beauty of the Northern Lights, all around the world there is beauty to behold; you needn’t go far. In the following time-lapse, photographer Jeff Boyce of Negative Tilt Photography highlights some of nature’s greatest wonders across the United States, driving approximately 20,000 miles and taking about 70,000 images. The result is this 5-minute jaunt through tornados and storms, featuring stunning footage of the Milky Way across deserts and Aurora Borealis in Canada.


From nature’s light show to the brewing clouds of an impending storm that dumps water from the sky, the time-lapse is absolutely breathtaking as we get a peek of what Mother Nature can do. Here, on the West Coast, as we’ve been in the middle of some uncharacteristic midsummer tropical storms, I’m able to appreciate seeing nature at work from the comfort of my air conditioned office via laptop screen. Parts of the video look surreal, almost CGI-created as the natural phenomena speeds by.


Using two Canon 6D‘s, paired with a Rokinon 14mm f/2.8, Rokinon 24mm f/1.4, and a Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8, Boyce treks through 15 states and Canada to bring to you this beautiful timelapse.

Watch Edge of Stability

You can also purchase individual canvas/photo prints of frames in this video above and see more of Jeff Boyce’s work here:

[Via @Sploid/Edge of Stability from Jeff Boyce]

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Hanssie is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes portrait and wedding photographer. In her free time, she homeschools, works out, rescues dogs and works in marketing for SLR Lounge. She also blogs about her adventures and about fitness when she’s not sick of writing so much. Check out her work and her blog at Follow her on Instagram

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  1. Bill Bentley

    Probably very nice but the music killed it for me. I couldn’t get past the first 30 seconds.

    | |
    • Barry Cunningham

      You need to find out where the mute button is on your system.
      The music, although more than a little pretentious, did not bother me that much.
      Still, I have a mute key on my keyboard, and knowing how to use makes it possible to enjoy the visuals on some sites with obnoxious audio.

      | |
    • Bill Bentley

      A very important part of what makes a quality timelapse is the choice of music. Millions of other TL’s to view on the web. No harm, no foul.

      | |
  2. Justin Eid

    Wow…nice work!

    | |
  3. Paul Blacklock

    Beautiful shots but the music doesn’t do it for me

    | |
  4. Peter McWade


    | |
  5. Graham Curran

    It seems that everything is more dramatic in the USA. A timelapse of British drizzle just doesn’t cut it.

    | |
  6. Paul Empson

    enjoyed that… very nice work

    | |
  7. Colin Woods

    Superb, one day I’ll get out to the storm lands and see these cells for myself.

    | |
  8. Richard Olender


    | |