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Edelkrone’s New Pocketshot Now Available

By Anthony Browning on October 21st 2013

pocket shot

Edelkrone has been coming out with some pretty amazing products and the Pocketshot is just one more of those products that makes me excited. The PocketSHOT is made for video shooters that use lighter cameras but you have the ability to tighten the tension rods which will then hold up to 4lbs. The PocketSHOT‘s light and small body make it great for taking anywhere.

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I love the fact that Pocketshot is like a little transformer that can turn into many useful setups like a tabletop tripod. One setup I see being very useful is the ability to unfold the PocketSHOT and have it clip onto your belt like a mini monopod. I shoot a lot of documentaries and sometimes bringing a monopod into places is too invasive and attracts too much attention, that’s where the PocketSHOT comes into play. The size of the pocket shot will give you the ability to film discretely if needed.


The PocketSHOT comes in at $199 making it a great option if you are shooting video and looking to keep costs down yet still get a lot of options for support.

Introduction to the Pocket-Shot

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  1. Phil Doris

    A site telling the features of a product, but hiding the cost of the product, is highly suspicious.
    Good bye!

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