Filmmakers are always looking for new ways to create dramatic yet stable movement to their films. The problem is most of the camera stabilizers on the market tend to be very large and awkward to carry around. This is troublesome when shooting in a remote location or at a wedding. The extremely innovative company Edelkron has already wowed film makers with their SliderPlus+. The SliderPlus+ has a 1-foot tract that rolls back and fourth on it’s own wheels creating a 2-foot track. The SliderPlus+ is small, versatile, and can fit in a backpack.



During NAB 2014, Edelkrone showed off some new additions to their Pocket Series. Small yet extremely versatile these new products could easily add beautiful stable motion to your films. Check out the new stabilizers, a simple yet affective automated slider system and a innovating prototype called the “Wing” in this video sponsored by our friends at B&H Photo Video

Pocket Skater: $199.99 USD


  • Fluid, adjustable skater action
  • Three adjustable wheels with aluminum rims and bearings
  • Wheel legs are adjustable through 3 joints
  • Skater action can be adjusted for linear, curved or circular slides
  • Lens angle can also be adjusted as all of the skater legs are adjustable
  • Smaller than a battery grip when folded
  • Does not attract attention when folded, sits hidden underneath the camera

Pocket Slider: $199.99 USD


  • World’s smallest camera slider
  • Heavy-duty, durable design
  • 20cm camera travel (7.9 inches)

Pocket Stand $189.99 USD


  • Heavy-Duty camera stand, that can carry cameras up to 6 pounds
  • Can be used on any surface, legs can be adjusted independently via 3 joins per leg.
  • Can cling on to objects such as door knobs, chairs, etc
  • Works great on uneven surfaces, adapts to any surface
  • Works great with “Pocket Slider” and turns into a portable slider solution that you can use on any surface or condition.



The “Wing”


The “Wing,” a new and innovative prototype shown in the video uses an articulating arm to create side to side and front to back movement that is much like a slider, yet takes up much less space. While just a prototype that needs final improvements, I think the “Wing” could be an extremely versatile tool that would allow film makers to create dramatic movement in tight spaces. I hope that Edelkrone put’s the “Wing” into full production. I personally could see myself adding it to my bag to add some awesome movements to my wedding films.


Being both a wedding photographer and filmmaker, I could honestly see myself using all these products during a wedding. I’m personally excited for the release of the Pocket Slider. I’ve always wanted to add a slider to my bag for my wedding films, but had yet to find one that is small and versatile. I think the Pocket Slider might just be the solution I’ve been looking for.

Head over to Edelkrone’s website for more.

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Via: cinema5d