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Edelkrone Releases the Ingenious SliderPLUS+

By fotosiamo on December 26th 2012

If you ever wonder how a “reveal shot” is created in video, there’s a chance that a camera slider may have been used. A reveal shot is where the camera travels left-to-right or right-to-left to reveal a portion of the scene. A slider is essentially a straight single or dual track with a movable “carriage” that glides across those tracks. The camera sits on top of the carriage and moves left-and-right (known as tracking), or front-and-back (known as dollying). These camera movements help create a more cinematic feel to a video.

There is a downside, however. For the solo shooter, a slider, is not very portable and is not easy to travel with.

Edelkrone SliderPLUS+

Edelkrone just released their own clever take on the camera slider. What makes their SliderPLUS+ different from the traditional camera slider is how the 1-foot tracks themselves can glide back and forth on their own set of wheels. As a result, the track can grow from either side as the camera moves along the track and cover the equivalent of a 2ft track.

Additionally, because the tracks only take up half the length, the SliderPLUS+ can fit inside a backpack.

The other benefit with having a movable track is that when you dolly or move the camera front and back, there is less chance that the track will end up in the shot when the camera is on the back end of the track.

You can find out more about the Edelkrone SliderPLUS+ slider or purchase it for $499.99 at the Edelkrone store. So what do you think?

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  1. Chuck Navarro

    I think I want one but dang that’s one eh spicy price tag-a!

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    • Judge

      Really not expensive compared to other sliders #DoSomeResearchBeforeCommenting

      | |
    • apollo

      I say same too. It can handle heavier setups easily than those cheap-o-aluminium nonbranded ones. Glidetrack is even more expensive for the length of slide, not mentioning Kessler. So I think this is quite bargain.

      | |
    • No

      I think you guys are just used to being ripped off, these price tags look reasonable to you. DSLR video gear is generally overpriced. Sliders, dollies, follow focus, they’re all usually just pretty basic elements. They do not require more materials than the average tripod. The companies charge so much just because video equipment is usually this expensive, but there’s no real reason for it. Rediculous…

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    • Craig Houdeshell

       Chuck nailed this one.  Way too expensive for what it is but I want one because of it’s portability, as I find myself on airplanes a lot.  Judge, just because others are over-priced too doesn’t justify the price of this one.  The marketplace will determine the price.

      | |