Edelkrone is a company that has a knack for finding an elegant solution to a common problem, and doing this takes a bit of genius. They’re a bit like the Dyson of the camera world.

Take something like a standard camera slider. For videographers and timelapse photographers and so forth, sliders are a fundamental piece of kit that helps to keep things steady, and steadily moving. The concept is simple, as it’s essentially a track with a carriage on which a camera sits and glides across the track for consistent and cinematic looks. But they can be large, bulky, not very portable, and not easy for a one-man show. Edelkrone saw this and developed the SliderPlus, which took the concept of a slider and moved it forward.


The SliderPlus is essentially different from a typical slider in a few ways. For one, it’s small at about 1 foot, but the track itself is able to glide back and forth on a set of wheels of its own, allowing for 2 feet of movement on a track that’s 1 foot long. Sort of brilliant in its simplicity and execution.

They’ve now done something similar that will probably appeal to just about every photographer, as what they have made is being touted as the world’s first universal quick release system called the QuickRelease One. Moving from one tripod to another, maybe to a monopod, or a stand, typically involves a lot of unscrewing to secure the base of the camera to a specific plate. This is annoying, time-consuming, and makes those pieces prone to loss. This, finally seems like the solution.


When you think of standards in photography, you may think about sensor sizes or whatnot, but 1/4″ 20 threads are a real standard. I can put my hand on my heart and assure you that essentially every plate, stand, battery grip and so forth adheres to this thread standard, and the QuickRelease ONE seems to securely clamp down onto any of them. Releasing is done with the push of a sizable lever that should make migration from one piece of equipment to another, a breeze. Also, it’s worth noting that the lever itself should be able to be positioned as you like, so you can ensure battery doors and so on are always available.


edelkrone-quickrelease-one-tripod-plate-release-monopod-photography-slrlounge-8 edelkrone-quickrelease-one-tripod-plate-release-monopod-photography-slrlounge-5

There are a few things to consider, however, before you run out to get one. It has a maximum weight of 6.6lbs, so video shooters with your heavy Cine lenses and cameras may find this too restricting. It’s probably limited to this weight because it doesn’t provide two points of contact to the camera like a plate would, and I know some will miss this, but few, especially these days with the rise of smaller mirrorless systems.

It’s extremely cool, and you can get a good idea of how it looks and works in the video below. Hopefully, we will have a review coming for you in the near future, and you can see what tripods we love in our Gear Talk episode:

You can find out more and get one now from Edelkrone’s site for $139.