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Edelkrone Announces New SliderPLUS Modules

By Anthony Thurston on April 15th 2015

Edelkrone has announced some key updates to their popular SliderPLUS camera slider. The new Action and Target Modules add some impressive features to the Edelkrone system.

The Action Module adds automatic movement capability to your SliderPLUS, making things like motion timelapse, or controlled movement that much easier. The new module was designed to make moving your camera along the slider easier than ever. It comes with four modes: Slide Control, Stop Motion, Timelapse, and MacroSlide.

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The TargetModule, when used in conjunction with the Action Module, automatically pans your camera for you. This allows you to create dynamic parallax movements with your SliderPLUS without having to move the slider on your own.


As you can imagine, new features like these are not exactly cheap; both the Action and Target Modules price in at $669 – each. Add in the cost of a SliderPLUS and your cost increases anywhere from $499 to $999 depending on the model you choose.

You can get the full details on the new Target and Action Modules over on the Edelkrone website, here.

What do you think of these new modules and the features they bring to the Edelkrone system? Do these make the Edelkrone SliderPLUS system more desireable to you? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. Scott Mosley

    The action module is very loud. It’s too bad because it’s very nice. The main problem though isn’t the noise it makes, it’s how the action module actually reduces the versatility in a fast-paced environment. With the motor attached you need to use the rubber gear belt (which is very jerky and bumpy when used without motor) instead of the soft shoe-lace style band (which is fantastic for hand-driven mechanical slides). You need about 10-15 minutes and a collection of allen wrenches to switch belts, so when you have it ready for a motor you effectively only have a heavy motor slider that is worthless as a regular slider.
    I will continue to use my excellent edelkrone slider without the action module, and instead get a dedicated larger slider that will have a motor for time-lapse and slow/macro sliding needs.

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  2. Tosh Cuellar

    Edelkrone has been popping up all over lately (no doubt the result of analytics and my search trends) and man they make some cool stuff, innovative minds over there, unfortunately alot of the stuff is out of my price range for what it (each piece) does.

    | |
  3. Rafael Steffen

    Great tool for video! I want one!

    | |
  4. Lester Terry

    This is a magnificent tool.

    | |
  5. Brandon Dewey

    Im in the market for a slider that I can use for wedding videos and time laps videos, this is now be a contender.

    | |