With more and more 4K TVs hitting the market, the EBU (European Broadcast Union) took some time to publish their thoughts on broadcasting in 1080 vs 4K. Their conclusion was that 4K resolution by itself is unsatisfactory, and that they would prefer a higher quality 1080p signal (more dynamic range, higher frame rates, better sound, etc).


This comes at a critical time for 4K, as more and more devices are getting the ability to shoot in 4K, yet there are still relatively few affordable options for actually watching anything in 4K. Devices such as the new Panasonic GH4, have proven that 4K, especially when downscaled to 1080, offers much more detail and clarity.

While I agree that broadcasting in 4K seems a bit over the top right now, given the limited number of devices capable of actually displaying it in that resolution, that could change sooner than expected. Personally, while I like the sound of a higher quality 1080 stream, I feel like any efforts to push one out would not be done until after 4K is more commonplace, meaning more of an argument for just going with 4K.

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From a photography and videography standpoint, these are important things to consider when you are shooting and delivering your wedding videos and slideshows now. Are you going to shoot and deliver in 4K, shoot in 4K and deliver in 1080, or just stick to 1080 until 4K is more common? It is an important decision for your business.

So, where do you stand?

[via Planet 5D]