Resizing has been a topic of much discussion in the past few years, and continues to become an even more prevalent topic as more and more people are finding more need for imagery to fit certain spaces online, and as social media becomes ever more demanding that a user be somewhat tech savvy. So to get the most out of thees platforms if your business is imagery, resizing properly is critical. If you’ve ever tried to set your Facebook cover photo, or your Twitter photo only to have a complete mess on your hands, you’ll know. It can also be a bit of a nonstarter or conundrum for those who aren’t versed in the software typically used, or the theory behind it.

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To that end Phil Steele of Steele Training has put together a short video where he guides you through the process of resizing an image in Photoshop to precisely the dimensions you want, with ease. More than just with ease, what stands out here is how sensible the approach is for the average user and for the average need. While there are other ways to go about it, this will likely suit the vast majority of needs.

When you open the video you’ll notice that it’s 8 minutes long, and truth be told, if you want to just learn the method he recommends then skip to about 4:30. That said, The initial minutes are good to watch if you’re entirely new to this as you can pick up a few things about how Photoshop approaches image/canvas sizes, and then the recommended method has that much more poignancy.

So what is Phil’s recommended method? It’s essentially using the crop tool exclusively, but you’re setting the crop tool on the image and then using modified crop input parameters to set the exact pixel sizes so you’ll end up with an image that best suits your needs, or the requirement you set. The great thing about it is you set the parameters, are then shown that ‘crop’ and then you can move it around your image to find just the right selection.



Check it out below, and know that Phil has some truly good educational material both as courses and free. Check out more from here on his YouTube channel and site.


Source: PetaPixel