A little while back, I posted a pretty vague rumor about a possible firmware update to the Olympus E-M1, an update that had the potential to bring 4K video to the E-M1. Today, that rumor gained a little bit more traction, with the leak – from an anonymous source – of a list of supposed E-M1 firmware update features…

slr-lounge-olympus-om-d e-m1

Included on the list is 4K video, in a 24fps an 30fps mode, as well as a new updated codec (I assume for higher quality video). The most interesting tidbit was that, according to the source, 4K and the rest of the upgrades on the list below were already a part of the E-M1, but were not ready when the camera was released, so they were disabled until the bugs could be resolved and the features “unlocked.”

Rumored E-M1 Firmware Updates

  • 4K Recording (IS compatible)
  • High Speed and Slow motion Mode (240p or 120p)
  • New Codec with different recording mode (24p,25p,30p,60p)
  • Motion Film (I don’t know what it is exactly, but it has something to do with a freeze picture functionality and choose to move what you want on the picture).
  • They didn’t confirm all yet, but about a similar S-log mode than the Sony one,
    though they didn’t talk about it and how it would help grading for the cinema industry.
    *List is courtesy of 43 rumors

If this is, in fact, the case, which I am still VERY skeptical of to be honest, this is huge news for E -M1 owners. This would instantly take an E-M1 that has been overtaken by the likes of the GH4 and Fuji offerings, and almost instantly make it relevant again.

I am not sure I would run out and buy an Olympus E-M1 based on these rumors, but I would definitely keep an eye on them and be ready to pull the trigger should the rumor turn out to be true. Also, if this does turn out to be true, this would make the E-M1 the most affordable interchangeable lens camera capable of internal 4K recording at only $1,399 – assuming they don’t hike up the price after the update.


What are your thoughts on this rumor? Do you think the E-M1 did have these features at launch, but were locked due to more testing needed? Leave a comment below!

[via 43 rumors]