We roam a lonely road as photographers, almost always vacant from Family or Group pictures (since we are volunteered to take the pictures), we fly through life in memory only. Well, that may change. Meet Duo, the Binary concept camera that makes the photographer just as much the focus as the subject.

You see Duo is a camera that splits in two, making the photographer a subject and the subject a photographer. It’s actually pretty ingenious, if not very gimmicky. I’m actually on the fence with this one, since it does not seem to have much control what separates this from two people just running around with their cell phones snapping pictures of each other… only difference is at the end of “picture time” the two parts of duo reconnect.




Regardless, it’s still a pretty neat concept. It’s even cooler that this student actually took the time to make a working prototype. Let us know your thoughts on this device in the comments section below.

[via Gizmodo]