There was a time when DSLRs offered quality that no other consumer affordable camera could match, those days are gone. Still, despite competition from mirrorless systems and even high end compacts,  the DSLR remains one of the best selling camera markets in the US and Europe.

Amateur Photographer recently investigated this phenomenon, and their investigation has come up with the following reasons as to why DSLRs are still leading the camera marketplace.


Reasons Why DSLRs Out Sell Mirrorless System Cameras

  • Smaller cameras are fiddly to use compared to DSLRs
  • Confusing category names
  • Consumer are still hanging on to the glory days of Canon and Nikon (in the USA and also in Europe)
  • DSLR has wider range of accessories.
  • Low budget DSLRs compete against mirrorless system cameras

I would like to offer up a reason of my own, not based on fact, but just my opinion. Mirrorless cameras, for the most part, are small and more closely resemble the design of crappy compact cameras than they do DSLRs. There are exceptions to this, obviously, but for the most part, most mirrorless system cameras do look inexpensive and look like they would break easily.

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DSLRs on the other hand, more closely resemble SLRs. Most people out buying cameras these days were raised with SLRs as “the” pinnacle of photography for most consumers. It all goes back to the American mentality that “Bigger is Better”, and mirrorless systems remind people of crappy compacts, while DSLRs remind people of the SLRs that they grew up wanting.


The Fujifilm X-T1, A SLR Styled Mirrorless Camera, Now Available For Pre-Order

Take a look at some of the best selling and most popular mirrorless systems, Fujifilm for example. What do they do differently than many mirrorless systems? They styled their camera bodies like old rangefinder and SLR cameras. It’s not a coincidence that Fujifilm is gaining popularity with every release. Perception is everything.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with the reasons put forth by Amateur Photographer? What do you think of my theory? Share your thoughts in a comment below to join the discussion.