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Drone Captures Dramatic View of SpaceX Rocket Launch

By Chris Nachtwey on April 22nd 2014

There is no doubt that drones are all the rage in arial photography. From capturing footage of erupting volcanos, to arial views of a new house on the market, drones allow us to capture dramatic views and angles never seen before. In the video below, California based SpaceX uses a camera equipped drone to capture arial footage of their Falcon 9 reusable rocket (F9,) at one of their test facilities in Texas.



While Drones are a concern for the FAA and you don’t want to fly one drone into a groom’s head at his wedding, I personally believe that in a few years, owning a drone as a professional videographer will be a must. I have seen drones already used for real estate videos and at weddings to add a view that not many professionals are currently providing for their clients. The best part is, drones are becoming more and more affordable.


Possible Drone Setup

The DJI Phantom II is currently under $900 on B&H, and is equipped with a gimbal allowing you to mount a GoPro. While a little expensive for a “hobbyist,” a professional videographer wanting to capture dramatic footage, for a little over $1000 is an insane value.

What awesome footage have you taken with your drone? Share the video link in the comments below!




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Chris Nachtwey is a full-time wedding and portrait photographer based in Connecticut. He is the founder and creator of 35to220 a website dedicated to showcasing the best film photography in the world. Chris loves to hear from readers, feel free to drop him a line via the contact page on his website! You can see his work here: Chris Nachtwey Photography

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Matt Molloy

    What a view! I’m happy to hear drones are getting more affordable, but I’m still waiting for the price of satellites to drop. (I could be waiting a while)

    | |
  2. david

    Wait, so the rocket was suppose to just go up and come down? Why? I need to google this.

    | |
  3. Daniel

    If there is a sudden gust or high wind, that under $1000 drone could destroy the million dollar rocket and its cargo.

    | |