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Aerial Video Of 50 Spots Around L.A Is like Seeing The City From New Eyes

By Kishore Sawh on July 28th 2014


I was at my family’s house in Jamaica a number of years back, and we were prepping for a wedding. It was a typical Indian wedding, so it was a huge ordeal and I wanted to take photos of the craziness as it was unfolding. I took a photo of the table from my perspective as the family and friends around kept prepping.

As we looked back at the photos my brother, who is all of 5’3”, asked, “How’d you get that angle? What are you standing on?

Uh, nothing. That’s just what I see,” I responded, somewhat confused.

His mind was blown. I’m 6’1,” and apparently that difference in perspective caused by hardly a foot in height was enough to have him flummoxed. So by the same token it’s hardly a surprise that the views provided from aerial photography drones can totally reshape how we see surroundings we are used to. Even views of your own city from above can be like seeing it again through a stranger’s eyes. This is what Ian Wood’s aerial video of L.A will do for a lot natives.

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Using a GoPro attached to a quadcopter, Wood’s traverses some 50 different locations in the downtown area and arts district of LA, in a sort of visual tribute to the city. It does a great job showing how diverse the architecture is, and some aerial views will have you recalling scenes from movies filmed in those spots.

What’s also refreshing to see is that on his vimeo page, Wood’s takes the time to make note of the safety and best practices of filming using drone, and he lists all the points adhered to during the filming. It’s a socially responsible thing to do which will only benefit the future of the craft, and worth you all going and taking a look. This is a fine thing and comes at the right time as the official rulebook for drone operation by the FAA is being drafted. Also a good reference, our post yesterday, Aerial Photographers: Map Shows Where You Can and Cannot Fly Drones in the US.

See more from Ian Wood on his Vimeo page and site.

Source:, (Images are screen caps from Ian Wood’s video)

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  1. Rafael Steffen

    Thanks for sharing this amazing new view of Los Angeles. It’s so amazing all the different fotage you get get with drones and the way you pilot them. Very smooth.

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  2. David Pickering

    It’s definately a good idea to try and see places from different perspectives, I have kayaked though a number of my local towns and cities ( Cambridge and London for example) and it’s amazing how different these familiar places look from the change in view point.

    | |
  3. Ian Moss

    Great video.

    | |
  4. Keegan Carroll

    Nice! Great article as well!

    | |

    Great article Sawh

    | |
  6. Kyle Ng

    great drone footage. takes a lot of practice and patience

    | |