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Dreamworks Animator Dad Turns 3-Year-Old Son into Action Hero

By Leujay Cruz on March 28th 2014

Daniel Hashimoto and his son James have created a series of short action scenes. Made from home videos of little James, Daniel utilized his skills as a DreamWorks animator to produce twelve short scenes showing off some impressive visual effects.

Using iconic scenes, props and miscellaneous elements from legendary movies, James can be seen doing things like disappearing into a puddle, launching a portion of the McDonald’s play set, and even walking the Matrix.

action-movie-kid-1 action-movie-kid-2

The possibilities to document life with today’s electronics is endless. Parents are always whipping out their phones and snapping shots or taking video as their child celebrates little milestones and “first time (fill in the blank)” victories.

Recently we met Leon and Lilly Mackie who recreated iconic movie scenes with their children…CREATIVE PARENTS RECREATE POPULAR MOVIE SCENES WITH THEIR BABY]

Once this generation grows up, they will have treasured memories documented in a way that the past generation did not. When the kids of this generation begin to establish their own offspring what possibilities will be there for documentation? Hologram videos, 3D printed models replacing our flat images, or will it be something else that we haven’t thought of…?

[via the Creator’s Project]

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