Bridal prep portraits can be tricky. You rarely know what you’re walking into. I’ve been in church bathrooms with its flowery motif from 1968 lit by truly awful florescent lights to wall-to-wall windows overlooking the breathtaking Pacific Ocean, and everything in between. Perhaps my very favorite is when hotels have yellowish wallpaper, reddish curtains and lamps that give the entire room a nice orange-ish feel. The pain is real, folks.

Nikon Ambassador and wedding photographer, Cliff Mautner has recently released a series of basic wedding photography video clips that gives quick tips on wedding day portraiture. The snippets are only a few minutes long and shows how Cliff photographs various parts of the wedding day, how he uses the light and the scene to his advantage to create beautiful images. The videos contain all the little things I learned when I first started out shooting weddings with my mentor and all in bite-sized chunks for the YouTube ADHD crowd. The 3 minute or so videos are offers some solid tips for someone who is going to be shooting their first weddings or is looking to get into shooting weddings.


In this new Nikon behind-the-scenes video, Cliff shows us how to transform a bridal prep room with available light to create some dramatic getting ready portraits. Cliff begins by saying that it’s not about the quantity of light, but what you do with the light you have at your disposal. “More light is not better light.” Instead, he uses directional light to make shadows and create drama for an image such as this one: Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 9.42.29 PM

Cliff also talks about composition and how he will move the furniture around to physically transform the room. Since it is a Nikon-sponsored video, he takes a break in the middle of the clip to list the equipment used, but then briefly covers the modes he uses and how he exposes properly.

There are many little tips and tricks to pick up in this brief video. Enjoy!

Watch ‘Nikon Behind the Scenes: Transform a Space with Beautiful Light’

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[Via NikonUSA YouTube/Image via screencap]