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DP Review Article – What Pros Think Of Nikon’s 2012 Lineup

By Matthew Saville on February 23rd 2012

There’s a really great article up today on DPReview about Nikon’s 2012 lineup of new pro full-frame DSLR’s, and what varios professional photographer’s think about them.The Nikon D4, D800 and D800E have all been announced but have not hit shelves yet, so right now everyone is clamoring for any feedback!If you’re one of these people, check out the DPR article it’s a great read:

I gotta say, I definitely agree with much of what was said.I think Nikon had a very tough act to follow considering just how awesome the D3, D3s, D700, and D3X have been since their initial release in 2007.

However, what few gaps were left in Nikon’s lineup, they’re VERY well-filled now! There really was NOTHING wrong with the Nikon D3 & D3s, aside from the lack / limitations in video of course.The D700 was also a nearly perfect camera, aside from a lack of video, and of course the “gap” in resolution VS price for the 12 megapixel, $3000 D700 and the24 megapixel $8,000 D3X.Which the D800 perfectly remedies.

Also, while I’m certainly happy for all those who need video, I’m just a still photographer and I know there are TONS of still photographers out there who just don’t care about video.Nikon has made kind of a bold statement with the D4 and the D800; they’ve done a lot more than simply add 1080p video to some obscure menu option.They’ve dramatically re-arranged the camera controls themselves, most notably bumping the exposure mode off to the side a bit to make way for a dedicated “REC” button, (on BOTH cameras) …and also re-arranging the rear switches and dials quite a bit to make it easier to switch the camera’s dedicated functions even more.

Personally, I’m not very happy about that.I know I may be in a shrinking minority though, and I also know that Nikon isn’t stupid- they are very big on tradition and they will go to great lengths to accomodate those who, well, just don’t like change.That’s why I’m still able to mount my 1982 AIS manual focus lenses on my D700 and D300, without any adapters, and have metering, focus confirmation, etc.So I’m hoping that in the camera settings, I can minimize how affected I am buy such dramatic camera control changes.


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Of course, the jury is always out until production units hit the shelves and get into the hands of real-world photographers.Any camera can have some random defect or weakness, such as the infamous BANDING issues that have plagued various cameras over the years.So, I never pass judgment until I’ve handled a camera myself, or see results from someone I really trust.DP Review always has good, thorough (although a bit technical and lengthy) reviews that I know I can trust especially when it comes to ISO noise, dynamic range, and resolution charts.

If I get my hands on either camera, I will certainly be posting my initial thoughts, and hopefully a more lengthy review.

For now, in the DSLR world, it’s a waiting game over the next few months.If you already know your budget is too low for any of the new cameras, then now is the PERFECT time to snap up a D700, or a D3s, or a Canon 5D mk2.Otherwise, hold your horses for now and see what the next few months may bring!


Take care,


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  1. Joe Gunawan

    I gotta say, at WPPI, I got a chance to hold and play around w/ the both the D800 and the D4. They just feel amazing in hand. The build, the weight, the balance, and even the texture, everything felt great with both cameras =)

    Joe Gunawan |

    | |
  2. Matthew Saville

    There’s also great write-ups on Cliff Mautner’s website, and of course Joe McNally has had a fun time playing around with the new Nikons.  Check out their websites too!  (DPReview is over-bandwidth at the moment, LOL) 

    | |