I needed to pick up some new lightstands and flash brackets, so I took a trip to my local camera shop (best shop in state that I’ve been to) and took a look at their selection. I had a pretty tight budget, but I wanted to get the best quality possible within that budget. After looking at a few different brackets I settled on the Dot Line “dlc” DL-0316 Flash Bracket, best part was they were only $25.


The DL-0316 is an Umbrella flash bracket, meaning it has a slot for you to place an umbrella. This was a key feature for me because I wanted to be able to use these with my umbrella softboxes. In addition to being within my price range these unit looked to be very well built. Once I got them home and was able to get a better look at them I was happy to be correct. They are built with very heavy duty plastic, and come with metal connectors.

Last night I was able to test them out on a simple shoot for the local high school. I was very impressed with these brackets. They are strong and durable, the swivel is very secure (something that cheaper brackets usually have problems with) and I was able to easily adjust my lights without having to fiddle with the bracket. Overall I am very happy with these brackets, if you think you might like to try them out for yourself checkout your local camera shop or they are also  available on Amazon.