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Don’t Expect Any Retro Styled Canon Cameras, Company “Keeping Its Distance”

By Anthony Thurston on February 18th 2014


Retro styled cameras seem to be the “in” style right now. Fujifilm has really pushed the old styling on their cameras, and as we all know, Nikon released the Df recently as well. Those of you Canon shooters out there that were hoping for a retro design from Canon better not hold your breath, at least if you believe this statement from Canon.

“Currently there is a trend towards designing premium compact cameras like classic cameras. However, Canon has kept its distance from this trend. As a result, the design is not pretentious, and it also does not look like a so-called compact camera, and achieves a great balance between traditional and new.”

The above quote was found on page 14 of an extensive product brochure released by Canon regarding the new G1 XII and its development. It pretty clearly states that Canon is not interested in, and has specifically kept its distance from the retro styling trend.

[REWIND: Canon Announces New G1 XII]


If you are a fan of the retro styling and were hoping for a Canon contribution, this pretty much says that is not going to happen. If you are not a fan of retro styling, then this is likely seen as good news, so you are not forced into buying a retro styled camera in order to upgrade to the latest tech.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is smart or foolish of Canon to stay away from the retro styling? Share your thoughts in a comment below to join the discussion.

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  1. Tom

    I hope Canon doesn’t waste precious resources on retro-anything. I had an F1 in the 70’s, I prefer my 1DX today. Canon should concentrate on advancing their sensors IMHO.

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  2. Dennis Pike

    I think retro styling for the sake of retro styling is dumb. The Nikon df isn’t all that functional, it’s about the style and doesn’t do it well, in my opinion. Fuji has done well with what I would refer to as classic styling. Good design never goes out of style. Aside from that, Fuji has managed to make incredibly functional cameras that filled a void in the industry. When I’m not on a paid gig, my go to camera is the x100s, and it has been fantastic.

    I didn’t buy the x100s because of the styling (although it didn’t hurt) I bought it because of the size, functionality, and quality of the files. If canon came out with something better, I would absolutely consider it, regardless of the styling.

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  3. Russian Photographer

    I’d love to buy Canon EOS 3D with a sensor for the studio shooting
    (of course, not stupid 3d that LG and Samsuck exploit in their stupid tvs)

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  4. Ralph Hightower

    Comparing my Canon F-1N to my 5D Mk III, the width is about the same; the 5D has more height and depth than the F-1N. Side by side comparison is slightly difficult with the F-1 has the motor drive and the 5D has a battery grip. My A-1 is similar in depth to the F-1, but with the motor drives, the F-1 is taller.

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  5. Ruben

    I really couldn’t care less to be honest. For me, it’s all about the image so I’m far more concerned with how the camera performs than with how it looks. I’m still shooting with a 5d mark ii which still exceeds all of my needs. Maybe I’ll upgrade to the 5d mark iv when it comes out, but that will only happen if and only if the camera has compelling enough spec’s and performance; the camera’s looks wont even be a consideration.

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  6. Cesar

    As a Canon shooter, I have to say Canon is getting behind in pretty much all aspects, compared to other companies, mainly Nikon.
    I don’t like retro cameras, as they are WAY more expensive than a similar DSLR and don’t give you any real advantage.
    I would like to see Canon offer, at the bare minimum, the same specs as others, with a similar price.
    Canon hasn’t been able to give us a descent mirrorless camera. It got into the mirrorless market VERY late and still gave us a crappy camera. I agree with Canon’t statement, meaning that they should focus on getting us something descent, on what they’ve already got in the market, than spending time to get us something “trendy” and with no real benefit….
    Today, 5D Mark III is more expensive than Nikon’s D800 and is not as good! I am seriously thinking about changing the brand, since I am not getting the new tech I would like to have.

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    • Ryan Cooper

      Ha, the grass is always greener. I’m a Nikon shooter and I am constantly considering the opposite move. If I could start over my photography career today I wouldn’t touch Nikon. Right now Nikon has a killer sensor in the D800 but other than that I feel like they are behind the game in many ways. My biggest complaints are:

      1. Production is always terrible. Sitting on a waiting list for 6 months to get my D800 didn’t make me happy. (And the D800 isn’t the only product of theirs in the last 5 years or so with crazy waiting lists)

      2. I like how Canon cameras render skin tones. My portraits always seem a little lifeless in comparison from a D800 until I work in post to grade the images and rebuild the skin tones.

      3. Nikon is well behind the curve when it comes to primes. The 105, 135, and 180mm primes are all way out of date. So was Nikon’s pro level 50mm until they finally came out with the 58mm F1.4 recently. Meanwhile Canon offers 1.2 primes and a breathtaking, up to date, 135 F2.

      4. Nikon just doesn’t play nicely with video yet. Sure the quality is definitely caught up but the reality is that they don’t make shooting video nearly as convenient as Canon.

      5. Nikon is haemorrhaging funds. Big time. Their losses last year were not a sign of good health for the company. Worst case scenario they go bankrupt destroying the value of all my gear and forcing me to switch anyway. Best case it means their RnD budget is going to shrink and they won’t be an industry leader at anything much longer.

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    • Russian Photographer

      You are funny. I personally know few photographers and even large photo studios who sold their fast bought (because of Nikon’s smart marketing) D800s and lenses and replaced them with perfect 5D Mark3. And I do too think 5D Mark3 is way better than slow endlessly hiccupping D800. Those megapixel numbers mean nothing. Picture to picture Canon creates images of a higher quality. Usability wise Nikon is in previous age of things. So don’t get in line complaining about Canon. Canon is still unconquered.

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    • Nuclearfrank

      Yes Cesar please move to Nikon.

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    • Graham Marley

      Do you just want bigger files? The differences in IQ between the 5DIII and the D800 are a matter of degree, not category. The 5D isn’t a numerical juggernaut, but it’s one hell of a performer. I can do more work with that camera in high-demand, shifting conditions than anything I’ve ever touched, and if I don’t get what I need, it’s MY fault, not the gear’s.

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