I am still working hard on my full review of Canon’s new 16-35mm F/4L IS, but in the meantime, the team over at Digital Rev has released their review on the new lens. As usual, Kai and the gang walk a tight line between humor and serious reviewing.

The bit of the review that I wanted to highlight the most was towards the end about the 17-40mm and how this new 16-35mm is a better lens in every sense. To that I say, it better be for what Canon is charging for this lens. That said, I completely agree with what Kai talked about in this review in regards to the lens. It really is the best wide angle zoom option right now from Canon.

[REWIND: Initial Thoughts on Canon’s New 16-35mm F/4L IS]

In the limited time that I have had it, the lens has been a joy to use. I even took it out for the fireworks on the 4th of July and shot some images with it on the EOS M. The shot you see below was at 3200 ISO, 1/8th second, F4, 24mm, hand held on the EOS M. Not bad, if you ask me.


I still have lots to do with the lens, so it will be a few weeks more until my final review, but so far, I am really enjoying it. The only thing that holds me up on it is the price, but there is really no getting around that… at least, not any time soon.


[via Digitial Rev Youtube]