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Dog Photographer Of The Year Contest Winners Announced

By Holly Roa on June 23rd 2017

Who doesn’t love dogs? If you’re severely allergic, I’ll assume that you love them but can’t bear their presence so you will be forgiven, but otherwise, c’mon. They’re our best friends. They’re there to cheer you up when you’re sad, lovingly drool on you when you’re eating something tasty, share their snuggly warmth on a cold night, bark at intruders and that mean vacuum cleaner – they’ve got your back and they’re preciously adorable.

With the assumption that you love dogs (of course you do,) you’re going to love this. Here are winners from the annual Dog Photographer Of The Year competition put on by UK’s ‘The Kennel Club,’ sponsored by Smugmug and Nikon School among others.

Photographers from around the world compete for the top spot in 10 categories, including two that are only for young photographers. Here is a selection of winners for your viewing pleasure. The rest can be seen here, including two runners-up from each category. If you could use a pick-me-up today, I suggest you begin with the ‘Puppy’ category.


© Mirjam Schreurs

Speaking of which, here is the first place winner from that category by Mirjam Schreurs of the Netherlands. This is Tyson the boxer puppy at fourteen weeks. I’m sure your day is better already.

Dog Portrait

©Anastasia Vetkovskaya

In the ‘Dog Portrait’ category, first place went to Russian photographer, Anastasia Vetkovskaya for her shot of SISLEY- SHOU GERAT GRANT AHTIAR AK JAR, who is a very majestic Afghan Hound.


Young Pup Photographer

©Dylan Jenkins

From the ‘Young Pup Photographer’ category for kids 11 and younger, we have this sweet hound dog, Mosey, as captured by Dylan Jenkins of Swansea.


©Kaylee Greer

Pet photography enthusiasts will likely be familiar with the work of this oft-emulated American photographer and educator. Kaylee Greer took first place in the ‘Dogs At Play’ category with this photograph of Wheaten Terrier, Petey.

Overall winner and ‘Man’s Best Friend’

©Maria Davison Ramos

Last, but certainly not least, we have the overall competition winner and first place winner in the ‘Man’s Best Friend’ category. Maria Davison Ramos of Portugal captured young Yzma, a Golden Retriever mix, shortly after her rescue by one of the photographer’s friends.

There is your daily dose of adorable, but if you aren’t satiated, and who could blame you, look at the rest of the winners on the competition’s website, here.





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