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August 8th 2013 3:56 PM

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If you are subscribed to our Youtube Channel, you may have noticed Pye wearing T-Shirts from Dodge and Burn. These awesome, comfortable, throw-back T-shirts have become his wardrobe of choice on camera, not because of any official sponsorship (we are not getting paid for any of it), but simply because of their quality and aesthetics.

And the exciting thing is that we’re giving away their latest one in this week’s giveaway.

Camera T-Shirt Description

THE SWEDE WHITE – As if they hadn’t contributed enough to modern consumer culture with modular furniture, odd-looking cars and ABBA, the Swedes also brought us the moon camera. Hasselblads have been on every NASA space mission since Apollo 11. There are still a dozen Hasselblads on the moon, left there by astronauts to save weight on the trip home. These cameras are also highly recommended for earth use. This tee is specially printed with a soft-hand technique in order to achieve a soft, vintage look and feel.

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Win a womens or mens T-Shirt in any size shipped anywhere in the world.


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  1. _DSC0070-Edit1.jpg29
    Kurk Rouse

    Rolleiflex 2,8 is a clasic

    | |
  2. 1
    Kristi Bonus

    Nikon d90

    | |
  3. 1
    Joey Gallahan

    Canon AE-1 She was my first!

    | |
  4. 1
    Dima Shapira

    Canon 5d mkii – the game changer for me.
    Got it since it first came out, use it anywhere! Just great camera!

    | |
  5. 1
    ramy abou antoun

    D7000 is my favorite so far

    | |
  6. 1

    If I had to choose one camera, it would have to be the Mamiya 7II.

    | |
  7. 1

    My fav camera is Nikon D800! Canon 5D Mark II if I can have one!

    | |
  8. 1
    Richard POmmérat

    The Hasselblad 503cw !

    | |
  9. 1
    Helen Bohorquez

    Canon D60. Versatile, high quality at a very nice price. Love it!

    | |
  10. 1
    Casey Mayer

    Just gotta love the Nikon D700. Perfect for me, and for many others!

    | |
  11. 1
    Jeremy Christian

    Nikon FG, worked my whole 16th summer to buy a used one and a Bogen 3021 with a 3047 head,…someone stole my FG in downtown Athens GA one day,…broke my heart, I gave up photography for seven years,…got back in about seven years ago, which is when I made the switch to digital. I miss my FG, but not the dark room so much.

    | |
  12. 1
    Fabio Robles

    My favorite camera is the one I have with me at the time.

    | |
  13. 1
    Dmitriy Sukhanov

    Canon 5D Mark III

    | |
  14. 1
    Reuben Zuazua

    Thank you for the tips. Waiting to upgrade computer overhaul overdue.
    Favorite cam is the Mamiya 645 1000s. It helped me become a better Photographer. No more rapid fire

    | |
  15. 1
    Anton Stal

    As a swede all i can wish for is a tshirt with a Hasselblad on.

    I´ll have to say that my favorite camera of all time is my beloved Nikon D800, sense i have not tride all the cameras in the world i dont know if theres any greater, not for me right now.

    But i have tried a couple of film hasselblads and wowwee they are something special.

    Best regards!

    | |
  16. 1

    My new Nikon D4. Absolutely stellar low light performance and does wonders for my sports photography career

    | |
  17. 1

    Nikon 950. My first Nikon digital. I loved that camera.

    | |
  18. 1
    Alexander Schulte

    My favorite is my current camera, the Nikon D600.

    | |
  19. 1
    John Berner

    Hard choice I want to say Speed Graphic or M6, but I don’t think I could quite say they’re a favorite. Gonna have to be the Pentax 67ii. Best meter and ergonomics on a camera ever with a few of the best lenses ever made..

    | |
  20. 1
    Pierre Desjardins

    My favorite camera has to be the Nikon F2 purchased in ’75 and used continuously until 2007. Runner up is my FATIF 4×5 still going.

    | |
  21. 1

    My most favorite camera is my Rolleiflex 2,8F Planar. : )

    | |
  22. 1

    Favourite camera has got to be the Leica MP in black paint.

    | |
  23. 1

    Got to be the 5D MK II

    | |
  24. 1
    Kim Donaldson

    Kim Donaldson – Canon 5D Mark III. Awesome awesome camera….

    | |
  25. 1
    Aleh Dabrynski

    My favorite camera is my fuji x-e1. It changed my world!)))

    | |
  26. 1
    Ashlee Rose Scott

    Currently my favorite camera that I have owned would be the Canon 5D Mark II

    | |
  27. 1

    Canon 7d with Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Lense :*

    | |
  28. 1
    Mark Hughes

    My first camera. It taught me to love photography and served me well for many years. Canon FTb. I am still a Canon man.

    | |
  29. 1
    Colin Corneau

    Definitely the Hasselblad XPan — a versatile, solid camera with some of the sharpest lenses I’ve ever used. As the saying goes, if I could only have one…

    | |
  30. 1
    Baylor Watts

    My favorite camera? I have 3 cameras currently, a Nikon D3100, a Canon AE-1, and a Minolta XG-1. I have to say, my favorite has to be the Minolta XG-1. It’s pretty, it has a great lens, and I got it at a farmers market for $9. I love it. :)

    | |
  31. 1
    Tony Murray

    D800E, nothing compares to it!

    | |
  32. 1
    Thomas J. Webb

    My favorite camera of all time? I’m tempted to say one of my main “serious” cameras, the Canon 5D Mark II or the Mamiya RZ67, but no. My favorite camera is my super-light SLR, my hiking camera, my Canon EOS K2. You can get it for super cheap on eBay and it’s lighter than that new camera Canon claims to be the lightest DSLR. The D adds extra weight!

    | |
  33. 1
    Jean McShane

    Nikon, nikon, or nikon :)

    | |
  34. 1
    Brittany Houseknecht

    Currently the Nikon D700 :)

    | |
  35. 1

    Current, a Nikon D5100. Always wanted a Nikon F1.

    | |
  36. 1
    Nichole Joslin

    I don’t have it yet, but the Canon 5d Mark III will be my favorite!

    | |
  37. 1

    Classic Polaroid

    | |
  38. 1
    Deborah Flechner

    My favorite would have to be my Nikon D700. It has always been reliable to me even when I go through all the drops and bumps while I go out and shoot and so far it has not let me down!

    | |
  39. 1
    Joao M. Faria

    favorite camera? that’s tough but i have a strange love with the Zenit B

    | |
  40. 1

    The Crown Graphic 4×5 cameras

    | |
  41. 1
    Kirill Samusenko

    Fav Camera Nikon d800

    | |
  42. 1
    Brandon Lim

    My favourite camera of all time is the Nikon D7100, great value for money, and awesome for me venturing further into photography! =)

    | |
  43. 1
    Al Ursales

    My name is Al and my favorite camera is the Nikon D7000, my very first DSLR.

    | |
  44. 1
    Patryk Koszela

    My Canon 40D RULLEZ!!!

    | |
  45. 1
    Zeshan Anjum

    Fave camera of all time is the Canon 7D. It just feels right, like a well fitting glove. Super fast, awesome AF and built like a tank.

    | |
  46. 1
    Patrick Chin

    My favourite camera is fuji X100s.

    | |
  47. 1

    Nikon D7000, love this camera!

    | |
  48. 1
    Valeriya R

    Cannon EOS 7D-my dream camera

    | |
  49. 1
    Ewan Lauchland

    I love my Praktica LTL3 even though it has a viewfinder darker than a windowless basement during a powercut. Favourite would probably be the Fuji GX617 but I doubt I’ll be able to afford it or the massive amount of film it goes through any time soon.

    | |
  50. 1
    Diana Bowen

    Canon 6D – I love the wifi connectivity! Total game changer.

    | |
  51. 1
    George Dimitrov

    My all time favorite camera that I dream of having is Canon 7D, yeah I don’t need much to be happy. Although 5Dmark 3 is an amazing camera too.

    | |
  52. 1

    Nikon D700, wonderful lowlight. Great full frame photos, solid nuke proof build, and Nikon glass is the best!

    | |
  53. 1

    5dmkIII, don’t own it yet, but its next on the list

    | |
  54. 1
    SarahAnn Lewis

    My favorite? Probably my first ever camera – a red and white striped plastic Where’s Waldo 110 film camera, back in the day. ;-)

    | |
  55. 1
    Irvin Seow

    Name: Irvin Seow
    All time fav camera: The Canon 5D Mark 3

    | |
  56. 1
    Travis Carey

    I love my Rebel t3i, but my favorite is still my (broken) AE-1

    | |
  57. 1
    Musashi Flores

    Canon 5d mark III, mark II, and my 7d. I really want a hasselblad though :D I havent used one but i love it, so i guess that make it a Hasselblad as my fav :P

    | |
  58. 1
    Wesley Rolfson

    I think my favorite camera so far is the Canon 60D, a great range of ISO and moderate Megapix.

    | |
  59. 1
    Anne Cho

    My favorite camera so far is the Canon 5D Mark III.

    | |
  60. 1
    Pete Conley

    Nikon D-700….Still top notch!!

    | |
  61. 1
    Eliot Grigo

    My favorite camera to use of all time is a Yashica D! A digital camera would be the Canon 5D Mark III.

    | |
  62. 1
    Cameron Easdown

    Leica M6

    | |
  63. 1
    Anita Watkins

    My first camera was a Minolta XG-1. Loved that thing:) Currently a proud owner of a Sonly alpha 850.

    | |
  64. 1
    Louie Bernardo

    My current toy, Canon 6D!

    | |
  65. 1
    Kit Tabuso

    Nikon D90

    | |
  66. 1
    Julio C. Sanchez

    My favorite camera would have to be Canon 60D. It rules!

    | |
  67. 1
    Jerry Ashford

    Canon 7D. Love the shirt.

    | |
  68. 1
    Mark Haslett

    Sony a77 – i just got one and it’s such a great camera,

    | |
  69. 1
    Janice Dodds

    Cannon 50D

    | |
  70. 1
    Walter Leonard

    The Sony F828 semi pro just because de ergonomic body better than a flip out screen… now working with a 7D eagerky waiting for a new FF Canon.

    | |
  71. 1
    Jeane Shaw

    Canon G11, got rid of big cameras and just using this great camera.

    | |
  72. 1
    Ben Wurst

    So far I’ve only had two dSLRs and my fav is the 7D.

    | |
  73. 1

    My favorite camera is the Nikon D5100. It’s the first dslr I’ve ever owned.

    | |
  74. 1

    Canon 60D for now, full frame some time in the future :)

    | |
  75. 1

    Im Alyy and my favorite camera is definitely my Polaroid Sun 600AF. Its so much fun!!

    | |
  76. 1
    David Larsen

    Nikon SP–wish I still had it!

    | |
  77. 1

    My favorite camera is the one I use now, the Nikon D3100..but I REALLY dream of the D800 ;)

    | |
  78. 1
    Ed Hall

    Well the only one I ever regret selling is the Fuji GW67. but my Favorite still has to be my Mamiya RZ67II

    | |
  79. 1
    Giselle T

    Nikon D600!

    | |
  80. 1
    Adam McCoy

    My name is Adam McCoy of Adam McCoy Photography and my favorite camera right now is the Canon 60D. And now I can shoot RAW video using Magic Lantern.

    | |
  81. 1

    Name: Varun
    All time fav camera: The original Canon 5D

    | |
  82. 1
    Jeremy Braun

    My favorite camera was a 3 MP Oregon Scientific camera because it was the first camera I used as a child that sparked my interest in photography!

    | |
  83. 1
    Mathew C Katz

    Nikon D700

    | |
  84. 1

    Anything Full Frame!

    | |
  85. 1
    Nicola Adey

    My Canon 1100D has and is serving me extremely well but I adore the Olympus OM-D because of the quality and that vintage style.

    | |
  86. 1

    My favorite is the camera I own: Canon 50 d

    | |
  87. 1
    Dan Gooden

    My favorite is my old trusty Canon t3i.

    | |
  88. 1
    Alyssa Watson

    My all time fave is the Olympus OM-1 my mom gave me. It used to be her baby in the ’70s and it still produces the most fantastic photos forty years later.

    Also shared on twitter-

    | |
  89. 1

    The old Mamiya RB67.

    | |
  90. 1

    Leica M5

    | |
  91. 1
    Adrian Santa

    1st time when i held a Rolleiflex T W/75MM F3.5 Tessar i felt in love with it and for this is my favorite camera

    | |
  92. 1
    Melissa Leandre

    Nikon D600

    | |
  93. 1

    I love analog cameras! I don’t have a specific one but I like how the photos look, there’s no way in recreating that in digital photography!

    Also shared on twitter:

    | |
  94. 1
    Adin Softic

    The storm is coming!

    | |
  95. 1

    As a Swede I should probably say that my favourite camera is a Hasselblad, however I’ve unfortunately not had the honour of getting my hands on one (…yet). This amazing t-shirt would be a great alternative though!

    I would definitely say that the Leica M9 is my favourite – a fantastic little beast. So delicate, quiet and capable of producing gorgeous photos. Especially with a 50mm f/2 Summicron.

    | |
  96. 1
    Tuukka Ervasti

    Hasselblad 500C/M

    | |
  97. 1
    Sergei Korotkov

    Smena 2m (1961), and Nikon d90.

    | |
  98. 1
    Rebekah Alviani

    I love a good 4 by 5 film camera. It can be so complicated, but it’s so fun to work with and the images are always beautiful! I would love to buy one with a digital back some day!

    | |
  99. 1
    Kurt dela Fuente

    Nikon D90 — ease of use and great picture quality .. Love making lomos on lightroom : )

    | |
  100. 1

    I inherited a Nikon FM-2 a few years back and absolutely love it.

    | |
  101. 1

    For digital, Canon 5D Mark III. For film, nothing beats Mamiya RZ67 Pro II for me.

    | |
  102. 1
    Kristen Renee

    My favorite camera of all time was my first camera ever – a red and white striped plastic Where’s Waldo 110 film camera!

    | |
  103. 1
    Norbert Erdei

    Great to see not I am the only Olympus user here. I love my Olympus E-3 it’s absolutely not an avarage camera : )

    | |
  104. 1
    Jane T.

    No digital camera has grown on me as much as my lovely Zenit E :)

    | |
  105. 1

    Canon 5DMii

    | |
  106. 1

    My favorite camera of a time is the Nikon d3 amazing full frame camera! Wish I could afford one.

    | |
  107. 1
    Siemen D.

    300D, what a beast.

    | |
  108. 1

    Nikon D800E

    | |
  109. 1
    Nico S.

    Hasselblad H4D-40

    | |
  110. 1

    Canon Rebel XS

    | |
  111. 1
    Per Bay Simonsen

    My 60D, we have had many adventures together – and we have the pictures to prove it :-)

    | |
  112. 1
    Ryan Peterman

    My favorite camera is my first medium format camera, Mamiya 645. A mirror slap that sounded like a gun shot going off!

    | |
  113. 1

    My favorite camera is the Nikon D700.

    | |
  114. 1
    Hannah H.

    My current favorite is my Nikon D7000. Takes gorgeous long exposure shots.

    | |
  115. 1
    Slave Viktorijoski

    Canon 5d MkII

    | |
  116. 1
    Bhavin P.

    Canon 5D Mark III!

    | |
  117. 1
    Sven Ehmer

    Canon 7D – and nothing else. :-)

    | |
  118. 1
    Michael Chiricosta

    Mamiya 645, 80mm lens. Old school medium format. Nothing better.

    | |
  119. 1
    Kalindu Vfx

    Canon 7D Nothing Better than this

    | |
  120. 1
    Dan Clayton

    Olympus OMG

    | |
  121. 1
    Vaclav Ryc

    Olympus OM-2 with 50mm 1.8f lense

    | |
  122. 1
    Fernando Perez

    Canon 350D, My first DSLR. Six years and still working!!

    | |
  123. 1
    Harry Gregoire

    Hasselblad/Fuji XPan

    | |
  124. 1
    Alan Wong

    Canon 5D mk II (but slowly being won over by the OM-D)

    | |
  125. 1
    Ho Wai Man

    Favorite camera of all time Mamiya RZ67 ProII

    | |
  126. 1

    OMD-EM5 so far,

    | |
  127. 1
    Alex Bolbat

    Leika, any

    | |
  128. 1
    Ooi Tze Han

    Canon 650D, small, simple and nice :D

    | |
  129. 1
    Jacob delaRosa

    Nikon D700. Dear lordy that camera is all kinds of wonderful to me!

    | |
  130. 1
    Joe Barrett

    Nikon D700. Full frame without an over abundant amount of megapixels that will tax my computer while editing.

    | |
  131. 1
    Kristal Mensonides

    Nothing classic….5D Mark III

    | |
  132. 1
    Kristal Mensonides

    5D Mark III … nothing classic. :)

    | |
  133. 1
    Nathan Mills

    The Hasselblad SWC of course :)

    | |
  134. 1
    Costa Gromov

    My favorite digital camera is Nikon D800, as for the film i’m in love with the Mamiya C330 TLR.

    | |
  135. 1
    Steve self

    Current. Fave is my nikon d7000.
    Been following you guys on YouTube and twitter for a while now

    | |
  136. 1
    Jason E Woods

    Sony Alpha 900 – Launched in September 2008, the Sony α900 offers a host of pro features and includes a massive 24.6-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor.

    | |