Jakob Granqvist and Cole Roberts are redefining the way that people look at engagement sessions. The team, who was named to Rangefinder’s 30 rising stars in Wedding Photography in 2012, have effectively rebranded their engagement sessions as “Document You” sessions.

Document YouRangefinder.com has a great interview with the two photographers where they explain how they came to the conclusion that standard engagement sessions were “lame”. The team goes into detail regarding their decision to move to these “Document You” sessions and how their clients have accepted the idea. “We’re storytellers—telling a couple’s story from start to finish is what our wedding photography is all about— so to do “engagement sessions” the same way works perfectly for us.”

I highly recommend the interview if you are in the Wedding Industry or are looking to enter it. It is always good to keep up on new trends and techniques, this is definitely something unique and interesting that you may be able to introduce into your business.

[via Rangefinder]