It’s amazing to see how much first person video and vlogs are growing in today’s society with the boom of Social Influencers online. If you are looking to become the next big vlogger in the social influencer world, or maybe you just want clean and smooth video for your day to day needs, DJI may have a solution for you. Best known for their beautiful aerial footage from their drones, DJI has released and new camera upgrade to their handheld Osmo system to give you the same smooth results, and it’s called the Osmo+.

The DJI Osmo+ makes some key improvements where the old Osmo lacked.  The upgrade to the Osmo is in its change to the camera system.   The new Osmo+ uses a camera very similar to the Zenmuse X3, with a 3.5x optical zoom as well as 2x lossless digital zoom while shooting in 1080p, for a total of 7x.



The camera is capable of shooting at 1080p at 100fps, which enables the capability of clean slow-motion clips. It’s also able to record up to 4K/30fps video while pulling 12MP stills in JPEG and Adobe Raw.  The camera has a 50cm minimum focus-distance, making it easier to take cleaner and sharper selfies as well as remove the focusing issues while filming yourself in first person. For those of you worried about audio, the Osmo+ uses a FlexiMic included in the box for enhanced audio capture.

The camera system has a slew of features that that give the Osmo+ even more appeal that may benefit you. One of the first features built into the Osmo+ is Motion Time-lapse. The Osmo+ makes it simple to create beautiful moving time lapses straight out of the box, without the need to purchase any other equipment. Unfortunately for those Osmo users who were looking forward to this upgrade, it has yet to be confirmed if it will be made available to the old system. On top of the motion time-lapse option, the Osmo+ still offers amazing stabilization by utilizing the same 3-axis motorized gimbal that the Inspire 1 quadcopper uses. However, the camera on the Osmo+ is not interchangeable with Zenmuse Z3 used on DJI drones.


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Straight out of the box the Osmo+ comes with the Zenmuse X3 style zoom camera and handle, 16GB micro SD card, as well as the FlexiMic, and a storage case for $649 US. The camera can also be purchased separately at $499US. For someone looking to get clean and stabilized video with the option to create amazing and unique motion time-lapse the DJI Osmo+ may be an upgrade that makes recording personal projects easier without breaking the bank. Check out the Osmo+ here.

About The Author: Matthew Stegall is a full-time photographer based out of Austin, Texas. Matthew specializes is wedding and lifestyle photography, and reincarnation.