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DIY Video Rig for $180 – Perfect for Self Hosting Your Videos

By Chris Nachtwey on May 22nd 2014

Self hosted videos are all the rage, with inexpensive DSLR’s capable of producing great video and sites like YouTube and vimeo, it’s really easy to produce and host your own shows and BTS videos. The caveat to self hosting your videos is you need to  set up your camera, lock focus, and hit record all on your own, and honestly, it can be time consuming and frustrating to get it just right.

In the video below, Udi Tirosh from DIY Photography shows you how to build a simple DIY video rig that will help alleviate the challenges of being your own videographer.


Gear List

TP link MR3040 router

DSLR Dashboard

Rode Video Mic Shotgun 

Rode Video Mic Pro

15000mAh External Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery





The technique behind this DIY project is fairly simple. First off, the Rode Video mic Pro is a great mic for on camera application, and the Rode Video Mic Shotgun would work just as well. I personally still believe a lavalier mic is the best for audio, but as Udi states, the Rode Video Mic Pro does well for what he is trying to achieve.

Using the TP link MR3040 router wirelessly connected to the DSLR Dashboard app on your phone gives you a live view and tons of options to help you set up and record your video. The DSLR Dashboard is essentially a remote control for your camera.

Two important things to remember: you will need a battery to power the router, and you need to change the auto focus in live view on your camera to single servo mode, this will not change focus every time you move in and out of your shot.



I think this set up is the ultimate on the go set up for self hosting videos or doing interviews. While I would opt for a lavalier mic, when you’re on the go, it’s nice to keep things simple and have good audio and video all together in a small package.


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Chris Nachtwey is a full-time wedding and portrait photographer based in Connecticut. He is the founder and creator of 35to220 a website dedicated to showcasing the best film photography in the world. Chris loves to hear from readers, feel free to drop him a line via the contact page on his website! You can see his work here: Chris Nachtwey Photography

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