We have featured Benjamin Von Wong and his amazing projects many times here on SLR Lounge. Today, Von Wong steps away from his usual shenanigans for a commissioned project from the team at SmugMug.


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The idea here was that SmugMug wanted some cool black and white portraits to hang in their company gym. This is Von Wong we are talking about though, so simple B+W portraits are out of the question. But you might be surprised to hear, it was a simple DIY $20 rain machine that gave this project the epic feel.

Over on this blog, Von Wong has shared his 7 tips for creating epic portraiture like this. It is a really insightful look at the sort of things to think about if you are going to be trying to meet a clients needs in this genre. I highly recommend checking it out.

Here are the images created for this shoot. Quite impressive, as we’ve come to expect from Ben.

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[Via Von Wong]